The Banality of Allied Evil as 18-Year-Old Youth gunned down and left to die by cops

November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall is torn down after being worn down by the people

Europe Renaissance

As a 100-year-old former German conscript and numerous other former conscripts are hounded and gaoled for life merely for being sentries at wartime holding facilities it is interesting to contrast the current press coverage with the same media’s now silence on a crime committed by Border Police a generation later ~ during peacetime.

Peter Fechter, an 18-year-old teenage Germanapprentice bricklayerbecame one of the hundreds who died, maimed for life or gaoled for their in their attempts to flee the Soviet Union. The USSR (1922-1990) was then ruled by the First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev who was celebrated and fawned upon by Western politicians and media journalists.

Peter Fechter was born on 14 January 1944, inBerlin,Germany, during the final years ofWorld War II. Fechter was the third of four children and was raised in theWeißenseedistrict of Berlin.

After the triumphant Allies ~ the united armed forces of the Soviet, British and American…

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