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Press Psyches up the Cannon Fodder for War

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Creating a war psychosis, the NATO West’s media are hyping war with Russia despite NATO recently suffering international ridicule following their humiliating retreat from Afghanistan and abandoning their assets to nomadic tribesmen.

The headlines of one of Britain’s most widely read tabloids cheer US hypersonic nukes in Germany, showing mushroom clouds over Moscow.


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British media are hyping the revitalisation of a Cold War-era US artillery unit in Germany, supposed to be ‘armed with Dark Eagle hypersonic missiles that will be able to reach Moscow in mere minutes, once they are developed.’

‘Dark Eagle has landed’ screams The Sun on Wednesday, originally reporting that the new US missiles could ’blitz Russia’ in just six minutes, before revising that to ‘21 minutes and 30 seconds’ along with a graphic showing Europe’s biggest city and its 13 million civilian population disappearing under a mushroom cloud.

The NATO war machine did in fact reactivate the 56th Artillery Command at a ceremony in Germany earlier this week. The unit had been inactive since 1991. However, the fine print in The Sun article, as well as other British papers, notes that the command may have hypersonic missile capability when this technology is ‘fully developed and deployed,’ supposedly sometime in 2023, according to the Pentagon.

Just a day before the 56th AC ceremony, the Pentagon announced that the very first ’prototype hypersonic ground equipment’ had been delivered to a stateside artillery unit. A battalion of the US Army’s 1st Corps located at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state received trucks, trailers, four erector launchers and other components of the Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW), but no missiles yet.

The name Dark Eagle comes from Rob Strider, the official in charge of the army’s hypersonic project office. The missile itself is being developed by the Alabama-based Dynetics, known for the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB), the Gremlin drone, some rocket engines and IT services. The principal weapon systems integrator will be Lockheed Martin, the company behind the controversial F-35 fighter jet project.

In retaliation and in preparedness for a NATO inspired attack, Moscow has tested its own Zircon hypersonic missile, which the Russian military says is just about ready for operational use by its naval forces. Perhaps British media could show pictures of London, Birmingham and Manchester evaporating under a retaliatory mushroom cloud?

‘For my entire life, I have seen corporate media sell us war after war. Always telling us who our enemies are, which countries need saving and which governments need to be overthrown. And every single time it turns out they lied.’ ~ Abigail Martin American journalist. Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!

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