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Putin’s Russia is far freer than the supposedly Free West


OP-ED: PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS – Americans and the people of Great Britain, Europe, Canada, and Australia have heard for decades that they live in ‘the free world.’

This world contrasted to the Soviet world where civil liberty was replaced with internal passports, with punishments for criticising authorities and disagreeing with the narrative, and with mandates issued by a dictator instead of laws from elected representatives.

It is ironic that today it is the Western World that has the characteristics that were assigned to life under Soviet Rule–internal Covid passports, censorship for speaking truth, and now, the Chancellor of Austria, supposedly another free country, ordered one-third of Austrian citizens under home arrest.

The home arrests of millions of Austrian citizens will be enforced by the Austrian NKVD. The Austrian interior minister Karl Nehammer boasted: ‘As of tomorrow, every citizen, every person who lives in Austria must be aware that they can be checked by the police.’

Shades of Stalinist Russia! And it is not only Austria. Australia’s government has used the ‘Covid pandemic’ to establish a dictatorial government that looks more Soviet with each passing day. Canada seems only a step or two behind.

Germany’s chancellor-in-waiting Olaf Scholz has given warning that extraordinary measures are forthcoming to restrain Covid this winter. What he means is that extraordinary controls will be put on the German people.

Even in the US the White House Puppet, Joe Biden, is attempting to force all employers to require their workforces to be vaccinated or fired. He is meeting resistance from some federal courts and some Republican governors.

Americans, being the only armed Western people, are capable, if led, in standing up against the executive branch overthrow of the US Constitution, under which Biden’s orders are grounds for his impeachment and removal from office.

Looking at the behaviour of the Western governments in general, it is legitimate to ask, ‘where is the free world?’ What does it mean to be free when citizens are punished for refusing to submit to a medical intervention that is a violation of the Nuremberg Laws and the US Constitution? How can people who are coerced be free?

The fact of the matter is that the entire once free world, US included, would be much freer if we were ruled by Russia. In Russia President Putin has made it clear that vaccination is a personal choice and there can be no coercion of the individual as under rule in the West.

Not only does the ‘free world’ no longer respect freedom, it no longer respects science and facts. It has been firmly established by scientists and medical experts that vaccination does not protect against the virus and does not prevent the vaccinated person from spreading the virus. At the present time, it is the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, who are dying from multiple causes in hospitals.

The ‘vaccine’ not only has serious and deadly side effects, like the US, EU, and UK adverse reaction reporting systems reveal, but also the evidence is now conclusive that the ‘vaccine’ destroys natural immunity. The consequence is that the vaccinated are dying not only from the side effects of the vaccine but also from the entire range of diseases that the damaged human immune system can no longer combat.

It is a known fact that hardly any children are affected in a harmful way by Covid. But we know that children are devastated by the ‘vaccine.’ So why did the corrupt FDA approve vaccination for children who do not need it but are damaged and killed by it?

Are we experiencing merely the incompetent professionals of a decaying West, or are we witnessing a genocide made possible by the insouciance of Western peoples and fear orchestrated by their unaccountable rulers? Source

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  1. No one is free. Differing countries present differing illusions of differing freedoms at differing times, but all labor under a centralized control structure. It has been this way since the beginning of civilization. If you want freedom quit following leaders that demand subservience.


    It was an odd incident that stands out now only because of its oddness. It happened during a business trip to a distant city. I had become lost that early Sunday morning and was now late for my flight. In my anxious search for the airport, I felt a growing frustration at being lost. I could only wonder how I had come to the point where I was desperately driving the empty back streets of some nameless industrial area deep within the urban confines of this major metropolis.

    The morning was rainy and blustery; the buildings were low, flat, box structures all of a drably uniform, cement-gray, color. Each block-long building partition contained several small doors sunk into a windowless, cement wall. The sameness of the scene was mind numbing and gave the impression of my being a rat lost in a maze.

    As I turned another corner and came upon another empty street, I noticed a faint patch of color. Actually, it wasn’t so much a difference in color as it was a different shade of drab; a patch of washed out brown in an otherwise gray universe. Drawing abreast of the drab, brown, color, I could see that it was a human figure hunched over a steaming grate, with its head bowed between its knees.

    The brown turned out to be a patched, military, great coat and the figure’s head was covered with a well-worn fedora. In desperation, I stopped the car and took the three steps required to reach the apparently sleeping figure. It was then I noticed a tin cup and a soiled, dog-eared sign, cast carelessly on the ground that read: RIDDLES – $1.00.

    I didn’t need any more riddles that day, but I prayed my dollar might obtain information directing me out of my present inner-city riddle to the airport and my departing flight. As I reached for my wallet to extract a dollar, the figure stirred and looked up. The face under the old, worn fedora stopped me cold – it was hideous.

    Once it had been the face of a man, but now one side of the face was melted plasticine that had oozed down the rigid structure of a skull. Most noticeable within that misshapened mass of scarred flesh, was a dead, yellowed, sightless, eye staring past me into the gray void of that cold, windy, morning. The other side of the face, although normal, was old and lined from endless years of wear and toil, the good eye drawn to a slit from the relentless wind.

    I opened my mouth, but before I could speak, the horrific apparition addressed me in a low, gravelly, voice that issued from the intact side of the face. Standing there, open mouthed with dollar in hand, I listened as the bizarre looking street beggar gave me clear, concise directions to the airport. Then, without hesitation, he closed his good eye and stared at me with that baleful, yellowed, sightless eye.

    While my focus riveted on the dead, sightless eye, a detached voice said: “Here is your riddle, If you do not want to be led, then why do you demand leaders? If you want to be led, then why do you expect leaders to follow your demands?” With that, the figure bowed his head and again became an inanimate patch of brown in a gray world. I was late, very late. Still speechless I bent over and stuffed a bill into the tin cup. A moment later, I was back in my rented car, speeding to the airport.

    As I ran up to the loading gate, trench coat and briefcase in hand, I could see my flight being pushed back from the Jetway. Thoroughly exasperated, I dumped myself into a nearby seat. All my thoughts were on the impossibility of making my flight out in time. I tried to focus in order to overcome a fast approaching blue funk, but my racing thoughts would not allow such diversion. It was obvious that I would now miss the election returns. The voting registration and balloting results I had gathered would now be useless information, yesterday’s news.

    At last, I exhaled a deep, long breath in the acceptance that my efforts had been wasted. I threw my head back to find a news broadcast flashing on an overhead monitor. Although unable to hear over the din of surrounding noise, it was clear the election was over. It had been terminated early when the incumbent threw in the towel and conceded defeat. The victors cheered ecstatically, congratulating each other as the newly elected president tried hard not to gloat over his victory. Somewhere in the background, a talking head discussed election details with some know-nothing, TV personality.

    In retrospect, the incident now seems surreal, perhaps more like a scene from a Fellini movie than real life. But I can still see the all too real, baleful gaze, of that dead, yellowed, sightless, eye and I still ponder that riddle that issued from a twisted, melted, mouth with wonder at their meaning: “If you do not want to be led, then why do you demand leaders? If you want to be led, then why do you expect leaders to follow your demands?”

    That as the last time I worked in the election process, in fact that was the last time I voted. I realized those leaders whom I had worked so hard to elect in truth had no more right to run my life than I did theirs. If I really wanted a voice in government, I needed to vote on issues, not promises made by leaders. Moreover, I needed a vote that could not be countermanded or rescinded by any leader. I discovered what I had sought all along was a system whereby people lead, not elected leaders. What I really wanted was true democracy instead of the sham called representative democracy.

    It is strange that Americans think they live under a democratic system; that democracy means a chance to vote on a representative. This in fact is not democracy, but a Republic. By nature, Republics are a form of oligarchy, a point made unstintingly clear in Plato’s work “The Republic”. By contrast, democracy has no leadership roles. The people decide directly over matters affecting their lives. In the end, I realized that my vote was nothing more than a validation of the Republican system of representational leadership.

    Thus, my vote was an open concession to leadership by an elected representative. In my accepted role as follower, I had conceded any further role in the decision making process. It would now be left up to the leadership to make decisions for me. Whatever their decision, I now had no choice but to accept, as my vote had blindly put all my trust in their decisions. Democrat, Republican, third party – makes no difference, when we demand leadership, we cannot expect any leader to follow our demands and what does it matter to followers who is chosen to lead when their accepted role is simply to follow the leader?


    – Arch

    This is war! The white race is under all-out attack on all fronts


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