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Are the days of Bitchute alternative to Censorious YouTube Numbered

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Under the guise of anti-censorship and free speech, video-hosting service BitChute has become a hotbed for violent, conspiratorial and hate-filled video propaganda, and a recruiting ground for extremists – so say the ethnic group that closes down all news platforms critical of Israel or its Zionist control.

BitChute founder Ray Vahey’s concept for the platform came from, in his words, ‘seeing the increased levels of censorship by the large social media platforms in the last couple of years. Bannings, demonetization, and tweaking algorithms to send certain content into obscurity and, wanting to do something about it.’ Vahey’s vision has become a reality. Many of the YouTube free speech loving accounts banned due to so-called community standards violations migrated to BitChute.

Bitchute’s community guidelines specify that incitement to violence will not be tolerated, videos and comments hostile to Israel’s politicise and explaining the stance of interests alien to those of Israel, proliferate freely across the platform – the Chosen People complain.

The ethno-nationalist Patriot Front has three BitChute channels it uses to spread its views and provide links to the group’s Telegram, Gab, and Minds accounts. The videos consist of montages of members marching in riot gear with torches, training in hand-to-hand combat, and hanging banners and fliers, calling on followers to ‘fight back’ because ‘America is our birthright.’ The group also uses the comments section of their BitChute videos to post recruitment links.


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The Proud Boys, another pro-White organisation has a channel with 1.5 million views and 297 videos. Their BitChute channel provides links to messaging apps Telegram and Parler. Their video titles frequently refer to ‘Black thugs’ and glorify violence. Like Patriot Front, the Proud Boys use the comments section to recruit new members and give advice about the membership process.

The ‘Road to Power’ broadcasting outlet, run by white supremacist Scott Rhodes is also using the BitChute platform to educate, inspire and recruit. One such channel, since been blocked, called White Power, had 1.2 million views of 1.4 thousand videos.

Another channel called ‘14HAILVICTORY88’, referencing the white supremacist 14-word creed and their aide-mémoire for Heil Hitler, posts critical of Jewish ambitions. The channel celebrates Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.

While blocking the original ‘White Power’ channel is a sign that BitChute is beginning to take action, any impact is muted by the hate-filled channels that remain.

When YouTube bans accounts for violating their community standards, those users often migrate their content to BitChute. The owners of some YouTube accounts also actively maintain BitChute accounts to mirror their video content in the event YouTube bans them in the future.

Of the 21 antisemitic and white supremacist YouTube channels identified by ADL in 2019, 14 have active BitChute accounts. While 11 of these YouTube accounts have since been banned or otherwise removed, the corresponding BitChute channels have been viewed more than 10.6 million times.

Many of the white supremacist channels serve as media outlets or talk shows. Stefan Molyneux, known for his promotion of eugenics, was banned from YouTube in June 2020.

His BitChute channel—which he uses to fundraise for his podcast, has garnered over 2 million views. White supremacist media company Red Ice TV has a BitChute channel with 1.6 million views. Other channels include the white supremacist group American Identity Movement that advocates for the preservation of white culture (how shocking), James Allsup, a white supremacist activist associated with the American Identity Movement, and American Renaissance, a white supremacist journal. Vincent James, of The Red Elephants, also has two BitChute channels that he uses to spread his theories, antisemitic beliefs with over 1.4 million views. His YouTube channels were banned in August 2020.

Well-known critics of Zionism E. Michael Jones  (800,000 views) and Brother Nathanael (970,000 views) have been banned from YouTube, but actively promote their BitChute channels on Facebook. E. Michael Jones’.

In Brother Nathanael’s BitChute videos, the Christian brother who is Jewish refers to Jews as parasitic and claims ‘we have a chance to save America from Jewish ruin.’ 

Likewise, the infamous anti-government conspiracy theorist and Infowars host Alex Jones have been removed from YouTube, but now uses BitChute. Alex Jones has over 10.4 million views of his BitChute channel. Another channel with more than 8 million views under the name ‘Ron Gibson’ describes itself as ‘an official Alex Jones Infowars Network Channel.’

BitChute has positioned itself as the anti-censorship alternative to other social media platforms. The Anti-Defamation League, a Zionist lobbying group that is notoriously known to sway US policy asks how a service like this remains active, and which companies support its platform.

Bitchute’s website is hosted by the domain registrar and hosting provider Epik. Epik is known to provide services to other extremist websites, including The Daily Stormer and Gab. Epik’s CEO Rob Monster has made it clear the company will continue to host any content that is not breaking the law.

Bitchute’s cybersecurity protection services are provided by Cloudflare, a web infrastructure and security company that provides free services to any company that asks. Source

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  1. Bitchute lost credibility with me when they banned the Nordic Resistance Movement. I would say Odysee is a good one, but it’s a shame our people—even those who create these ‘open source’ outlets–always succumb to censorship. I am even doubtful Gab will remain free. I don’t get why these conservatives just don’t seem to understand that they can not reason and deal with these (((snakes)))

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