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FOX News rescues anti-White Western media from Total Annihilation

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UPDATE, Nov. 22, 2021:  This story has been updated to note that following its publication, a Fox News source with knowledge of the situation said the network had no intentions of renewing Hayes and Goldberg’s contracts when they expired in 2022. This story and its headlines remain as published.

FOX News rescues anti-White Western media from Total Annihilation or rather, legendary campaigning presenter Tucker Carlson does.

Calling a Tucker Carlson documentary on January’s Capitol incursion the last straw, two long term Fox News contributors are walking away from the network. Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes announced their divorce from Fox on Sunday in a blog post on The Dispatch, a website they created to promote their brand of wimpish ‘conservatism.’

In a comment to The New York Times, Carlson called their resignations ‘great news. Our viewers will be grateful,’ he said. Carlson added that Goldberg and Hayes are out of touch with the times.

‘These are two of the only people in the world who still pretend the Iraq war was a good idea,’ Carlson wrote to NPR. ‘No one wants to watch commentary that stupid.’

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  1. The problem is wilful stupidity. At least 90% of children can’t wait to get out of school, and it is not all their fault. When I was still in high school, there were only two teachers who made learning interesting.
    Now that I can look back, I realise that learning is made dull and soul-deadening like practicing scales with a definite purpose in mind.
    It is to provide uninformed sheep for the powers that are. Unless the “Reading Habit” is instilled in the first few years of school, it will not take root. Children can learn to read as soon as they start to talk.

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  2. The point of education is to make you a worker/employee. Thats’ why school was created back in the day. Think about it with school-you have to be there, you have to there at a certain time, you have rules to follow, you have to do things you don’t wanna do, you can only take 2-3 breaks a day (lunch and regular breaks) and you are evaluated constantly. Same with your job. You have to be there at a certain time, you have only certain times for breaks, there are rules you have to follow, etc. SChool became compulsory to get people out off the farms/out of the towns and move into the cities during the Industrial Revolution. They needed workerbees for the factories and workerbess that knew basic math, basic English/reading, and could follow rules.

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