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Those who refuse to learn from history are bound to re-live history

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Throughout history, societal change has been brought about only by violent resistance by peaceful men and women who at some point of exasperation with deaf-eared authority decided that they had had enough. Non-violent men and women decide that the pain of brutal repression is relieved only by violent resistance – whatever the cost.

As one commentator surmised: ‘Strange how violence is never the answer when used by oppressed people and always the answer when used by the state.’

At what point is violence considered to be the only option? By nature, I am a pacifist. Throughout my life I have campaigned relentlessly against the wrong kind of wars; wars fought for profit, over race, conflicts for territory, battles for the vainglorious.

‘I deplore media-sponsored violence such as the looting, burning and murdering Black Lives Matter and diversity race riots in the United States.’

However, if any man or woman is gaoled, starved, controlled, placed on rations, deprived of their rights, and beaten, then it is understood full well that most individuals will use violence to escape those who torment them and there will not be a tongue loosed against them.

History repeats itself because people, especially those who abuse power and influence entrusted to them, refuse to learn from history.

A reader writes from the heart: ‘I don’t like war or violence either, but that is the only language our enemies and predators understand. It’s kind of like if someone were bullying you. You can plead all day to the bully ‘I just want to be left alone’ but they’ll keep pushing you around until you get up and knock them on their butts.’

What form does violence take? How long is a piece of string? In Australia, a woman driven out of her wits by confinement in a so-called quarantine hotel briefly escaped by setting the confinement hotel on fire.

In the Netherlands, a couple confined to a hotel and again driven to the end of their patience, effected an escape. Not so fast; armed police swooped on their airline bound for Spain before their airliner could get into the air; the couple was arrested and again taken to God knows where.

Many are the inspired ruses that are used to defy authority; cheap and effective, paint sprayers are used on columns of police operatives.  Not cheap for the state operatives.

The cost of policing in some of the nation’s biggest cities is high. The costs of riot gear alone, which included special ballistic helmets at $1,160 each; gas mask systems FM53 Multi-Role RPE System) at $1,500; a high-tech weapons system with silencer (HK MR556A1 + suppressor) at about $5,000; a ‘40MM LMT tactical single launcher’ (for tear gas canisters) at $800 and body armour and related equipment at $700, among other items. Of the $11,000 cost per New York officer in full regalia, $9,000 was the riot gear. (And this does not include the $211,000 cost of a bearcat armoured vehicle).

A group calling itself ‘It’s not about health’ suggests using a permanent black marker pen to add a dot to a QR code which renders the code unreadable.

TOTAL RESISTANCE was and still is a bestseller. Penned and published by Hans von Dach who was a Swiss military theorist. He was the author of the influential guerrilla warfare manual Total Resistance, which made him the internationally best-known Swiss tactical theorist.

The handy book is easy to read (for general populations) illustrated manual on ways by which the ordinary person can by various means, very few in fact violent, can resist tyranny and make an occupation of a country impossible.

It is believed that TOTAL RESISTANCE would have played its part in the uprisings against Soviet totalitarianism to topple the repressive regimes of nations under the Soviet heel.

One thing for certain is a growing belief that the point has been reached in which the people have realised that belief, then tolerance, petitions and parades, demonstrations and pamphlets, memes and ministrations are falling on deaf ears and change absolutely nothing. This is what I predicted; it is what has come to pass.

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  1. I do sense that people are now at the end of their tether with all the covid nonsense.

    Please note re the latest variant named omicron that this word spells ‘moronic’ when the letters are re arranged.

    This tells me that the globalists think we are so F^&$*@#$ dumb, we cant dont even have the basic literary skills to respell omicron as moronic and reveal the gag..

    They are pulling our legs yet again people and thinking they have got away with it. Its time to send a bag of shit to Bill Gates with lots of ribbons.

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