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HRH Prince Parasite welcomes parasites to a life on welfare


The multi-palace prince welcomes Afghans who become dependent upon welfare provided by his subjects.

His Royal Highness Prince William has thanked Afghan refugees and praised their bravery, telling them, ‘You couldn’t be more welcome’ in Britain. Speaking with Afghans who risked their lives to work for the Westminster regime and the War Office, the Duke of Cambridge thanked them ‘for all you have done for us.’

Prince William was visiting a hotel in Leeds which is currently housing refugees that were evacuated when the Taliban took over Kabul. He told families: ‘The most important thing is that you are safe now. You have a bright future. You couldn’t be more welcome. Thank you for all you have done for us.’

People cheered and applauded as the duke then spoke with two families who managed to escape Kabul following the NATO inspired conflict that reduced their country to a shell crater.

Haroom Shahab, 33, and his wife, Zehra Akbarti, 28, told the prince of how they had waited 28 hours to get on a plane at the airport. Wait until they try an EasyJet or Ryanair flight from Manchester to Alicante or Malaga ~ and try it without the Genocide Jab.

Mr Shahab spoke of how thousands of desperate people ran towards the runways and planes were unable to land. ‘They were running, they were desperate, in front of the oncoming aircraft. That was very hard for us,’ he said. ‘We were trying to get out of the country because our lives have been torn to shreds (thanks to NATO scarpering from the unholy mess they left in their wake and the wakes of tens of thousands of men, sheepherders, women and their children.’

‘When we got to the UK, we finally knew we would be safe. ED: Pity the British no longer feel safe in or out of their homes anymore thanks to terrorist attacks.

The Taliban are killing people without compassion, policemen and their families just gunned down. Anyone with a link to British or NATO forces or government’. ED: Good, it is the same here so they are used to the chaos already.

William asked him: ‘It must be very difficult trying to build your new life here while you are so worried about them.’

38-year-old Hussain Saeedi Samangan worked as a political secretary at the British Embassy in Kabul and told William that he had felt very welcome in Yorkshire. He was with his wife, Masooma, 31, who was editor-in-chief of a newspaper in Kabul, and their sons Daniel, 10, and Arian, one.

William asked the family if they thought the ‘new’ Taliban would be a different regime. Hussain said: ‘No. We know what the Taliban wants, we know they have not changed and that we couldn’t trust them.’

Oddly, a far higher percentage of Britons do not trust the Taliban who have taken over their parliament. Already, the pinstriped suit merchants of death have made it illegal to resist occupation.

He said: ‘We are settling in well; we are making friends. Daniel said to me this morning he had made 11 friends at school.’

William said jokingly: ‘Eleven friends? You have more than I have, Daniel.’ Yes, that is one thing we the British people can agree with. It is doubtful if any so-called self-styled royals have as many as eleven real friends; sycophants, toadies and camp followers but not a single friend.

As Napoleon replied when an aide congratulated him on his adoring sycophants: ‘And as many more would come to see me guillotined.’ Source  If you like this story, share it with a friend!

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  1. I can’t remember which middle eastern former monarch said it, but as he was shown the door to leave he remarked ‘there will only be five kings(queens) remaining, the kings on a pack of cards and the British monarch.’ I think he is wrong, the royals live in a bubble surrounded by fawning sycophants and a compliant media, and are completely oblivious as to how the population actually views them. With the demographic changes in Britain leading to the replacement of the indigenous population and the remaining natives viewing the as monarchy as part of the parasitical class complicit in their demise, I think their days are numbered. I would be surprised if there is still a monarchy in Britain at the turn of the century, but then again, Britain won’t exist in its current form by then.

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