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Is your Trolly-Dolly suffering from Vaccinenza

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For many people who are holding out on getting a COVID-19 untried vaccine, concerns about severe side effects are the main reason. Unfortunately, several flight attendants who had been reluctant to get the jab recently had their worst fears realised after reluctantly being jabbed to keep their jobs.

One 51-year-old flight attendant who opted not to name her employer, Lisa Williams, told The Epoch Times about her ordeal, which began on September 2 when she got the jab against her conscience so she could support her three sons. She applied for both a religious exemption and a medical one due to natural immunity acquired from a COVID-19 infection in December but was denied on both fronts.

She said: ‘I sat down in the chair at the minute clinic, rolled up my sleeve, prayed, asked God to forgive me, and cried. The minute they stuck that needle in my arm, the pain went up through my neck and I have not been the same since.’

Severe headaches set in the same day, and she started experiencing muscle spasms strong enough to awaken her from her sleep. She said she spent four days in a near coma-like state until friends came over and brought her to the emergency room.


She described a series of ongoing health problems that have been plaguing her since then, with her lungs unable to fill all the way up, the sensation of an elephant sitting on her chest, nausea, fatigue and eyes swollen almost all the way shut.

Williams said that she was a gym regular who was very healthy and did not take any medications before getting the vaccine. The ordeal has caused her financial problems as well after her workers’ compensation claim was denied and she had to rack up thousands of dollars in credit card debt to pay her medical bills. She is being treated for frequent headaches, muscle spasms, stomach problems and joint discomfort.

After eight weeks, she returned to work because she needs the money, but she is still dealing with constant pain and plans to get additional treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. With Williams’ consent, The Epoch Times confirmed her diagnosis of an adverse reaction to the vaccine with her doctor.

She’s not the only flight attendant who had this experience. Adrianna Uballe, who also declined to name her employer, said that she experienced health complications after receiving the vaccine ‘under duress.’ She, too, had applied for a religious exemption but was denied.

She said a union representative told her she was out of options and needed to get jabbed or face getting fired. She was told that if she got the vaccine the same day and sent them a picture of her vaccination card, she could avoid employment problems.

She caved and got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine; around 24 hours later, she was rushed to the emergency room with a numb tongue, throat and lips and extreme itchiness all over her body. This was followed by lethargy, sweating and a strong headache. Many of her symptoms were similar to Williams’, with a swollen face, an inability to take in enough air in her lungs when breathing, chest pain and extreme weakness. She remains on unpaid leave as she fights these reactions and has received a letter of investigation from the airline she works for.

Unfortunately, many people are reporting similar experiences, and it can be particularly maddening for those who never wanted to get the jab in the first place and only did so to keep their job.

Although some workers were hopeful when a federal appeals court ordered the Biden administration to halt the implementation and enforcement of its vaccine mandate for private businesses, the administration has now asked another federal appeals court to put an end to the pause. If they succeed, there could be many more vaccine injuries in the coming months. Sources for this article include: and Source

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