The war in which the Communists beat the hell out of the Nationalists

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The beleaguered Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko epitomises the Alpha Male. The EU slapped him with sanctions and he slapped them back good and hard with migrants of their own making.

Lukashenko is a capable orator. He makes good use of YouTube to make his point but in the Russian language. He has the national resources to provide his speeches with English translations. Lukashenko refuses to do so. He says he wishes to speak only to the people of Belarus in their language.

The population of Belarus at 9 million is similar to that of London. People conversant with the English language make up over half the most intelligent 7.8 billion population of the entire world. To ignore the use of the recognised international language is a spectacular and unforgivable failure in public relations. It is also a very public own goal.

Long before Wall Street banks in 1917 financed the transfer of Imperial Russia’s riches to their vaults by financing the Bolshevik insurrection the softening up of world opinion was artfully crafted by those who were openly intent on world dominance.

The aim of Communism has always been total world control. The names changed from Bolshevism to the Workers Revolution, then Communism and more recently Globalism. Thanks to their policy of entryism and mastery of the organs of influence the Globalists now have world control just as Lenin predicted. ‘Three-quarters of mankind may perish in order that the rest experience Communism (Globalism)’.

Tearfully, the collapse of the West and Freedom could have been avoided. When Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) was elected in January 1933 the transition from regime to responsible government was seamless. In the years running up to the election the nation’s infrastructure had been entered, subverted by the National Socialists. By January 1933 all was subordinate to the new government for the people were well ahead of the election process.

Much the same could be said for Fascist Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal and Hungary. The Fascists earned the approval of their peoples but tragically for the rest of Europe there was no desire to export either National Socialism or Fascism.

It was an unforgivable blunder that left the newly emerging penniless Fascist organisations struggling on their own whilst their Red foes in their non-Fascist countries were provided for by expansionist Moscow. The Kremlin was far smarter than Berlin or Rome.

Every pre-war European country had a reasonably strong Fascist and National Socialist presence. In Britain, Oswald Mosley’s anti-war pro-German British Union of Fascists (BUF) was poised for victory. Given a little support by Berlin or Rome war would easily have been avoided. the BUF, as far as I am aware, was offered no aid, not a pfennig or Deutschmark by the National Socialist government. They called it diplomacy; I call it a betrayal. Video

Sadly, these pro-German-Italy parties stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea, unlike the Moscow-funded Communist Parties, were isolated and independent. They remained in a weakened state. As a consequence, the anti-Fascist Pro-Communist Allies got the war with Germany and Italy that they craved for.

Had Hitler’s Germany and Benito Mussolini’s Italy and others provided support to the struggling counterparts in other European countries as did the Communist International (COMINTERN) then Europe today would be safe from the liberal-left Globalist-induced diseases that afflict it today.

By their wilful inaction, the National Socialist and Fascist nations surrendered Europe as a ‘sphere of no interest.’ It was a sort of Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. It was rather as if the non-German Waffen SS which made up 51% of the ranks of the Waffen SS regiments were denied ammunitions and supplies because they were not German nationals.

Hitler’s Germany was naïve; unwisely they trusted Josef Stalin. Moscow broke the Ribbentrop-Pact, which shocked Hitler. Well, when you put your hand into a vipers nest most people do expect to be bitten.

The rest is history: It is time to tremble for the COMINTERN succeeds only because the National Socialists and Fascist states unforgivably allowed it to.

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