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NATO poised to unleash a Tsunami of Refugees on Riot-Torn Europe

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Ukraine’s defence minister has raised the spectre of one of the European Union’s major concerns, large scale migration and population displacement amid American lurid and unproven claims that Russia is planning an invasion of his country.

Alexey Reznikov, who took charge of Kyiv’s Defence Ministry in November, warns that up to five million of his countrymen and women could flee to the European Union in the event of a NATO-inspired war on Russia. A similar number are believed to have already left the vast Central European nation since 2014 when the US invested $7 billion (Secretary of State Victoria Nuland) in the overthrow and banishment of Ukraine’s then elected government.

Writing for pro-NATO lobby group the Atlantic Council, Reznikov said there was ’real uncertainty’ about whether Brussels understood the impact a media-hyped large-scale Russian incursion into Ukraine would have on the whole of the European continent. 

Reznikov dedicated his article to explaining to EU leaders the potentially ’disastrous consequences’ of any conflict. Russia has repeatedly said and proved it has no intention of starting.

The sudden appearance of between three and five million Ukrainian refugees fleeing a Russian invasion would be just one of many major concerns facing European society. The crisis would also endanger Europe’s food security, as imports of gas and grain and other essential products from Russia and Ukraine would come to a halt due to the fighting, he pointed out. 

According to the minister, the Russian invasion would ’mark a definitive end to the rules-based international order,’ paving the way for ’a new era of global insecurity that could undermine decades of peace in Europe.

Russia has proved the so-called ’rules-based international order’ is a concept the US has devised to excuse its constant breaches of international law. For example, in its illegal occupations in Syria and Iraq. 

In order to avoid such a scenario, ’Western leaders must demonstrate their resolve to resist Russian pressure while strengthening Ukraine,’ he insisted. ’For our part, we are committed to defending Europe,’ Reznikov wrote, acknowledging Russia’s overwhelming military might.

On Saturday, an unnamed (anonymous ~ how convenient) US government official told the Washington Post that, according to intelligence assessments (again no source), Moscow’s military operation may be launched early in the new year and involve as many as 175,000 troops.

Russia has rejected those claims as groundless attempts to instil hysteria and affirmed that it has no plans to attack any nation. It blamed the NATO build-up in Eastern Europe for encouraging Kyiv to rely on the use of force, to resolve the Donbass conflict, instead of looking for a solution through negotiations.

US President Joe Biden said Ukraine would be one of the key topics on the agenda of his virtual meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on Tuesday, December 7.

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