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Follow the Silence when Science Slams Fraud and Profiteering

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Follow the science is the media mantra behind the highly profitable media-driven feardemic. But what happens when the world’s most esteemed medical journal reveals that the experimental vaccine and repression is unsupported by science?

There is a D-Notice ~ CENSORSHIP of a highly orchestrated swindle once described by a Member of the House of Lords as ‘the gift that keeps on giving.’. The Covid-19 swindle is a gravy train that must never be permitted to hit the buffers. The esteemed medical journal The Lancet has fatally crushed the criminal vaccine coercion policy.

On October 29, 2021, was published a report by the famous medical journal The Lancet. The periodical, arguably the most authoritative medical source in the Western World, is regarded as the Bible by healthcare professionals.

Its content is of paramount importance to all of us. The article leaves no stone unturned from the negative position of politicians enforcing vaccinations, introducing QR-codes, arranging lockdowns, conducting ‘Covid Terror’ against their people.

The main conclusions of the article: Peak viral load does not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated. That is, both can get sick with coronavirus equally hard, regardless of the vaccination status.

Vaccination does not save you from getting sick with coronavirus, especially its new strains. A vaccinated (and boosted patient) who gets sick can get sick just as badly as an unvaccinated one.

The only revealed bonus of vaccination is, according to the authors of the article, a faster decrease in viral load and vaccination, that is, they recover a little faster (slightly faster).

At the same time, being exposed to post-vaccination risks (complications, etc.) Fully vaccinated people can effectively transmit the infection at home, including any and all fully vaccinated contacts.

The conclusion is bleak. The vaccine does not protect against coronavirus disease. A fully vaccinated patient who is ill (after 2 or three injections, revaccination) can get sick with coronavirus with the same severity of the disease as an unvaccinated one.

In this case, the vaccinated will also be contagious to others, as well as the diseased unvaccinated. All calls to be vaccinated to protect yourself and others are fake (false).

This is clear proof that the entire series of disastrous Covid-related policies foisted upon both the trusting and distrusting populations is primarily driven not by public safety but by blatant profiting. 

Nothing makes sense, the inconsistencies and the contradictions of the political and media cult until you wake up to the fact that they are riding this pandemic by the seat of their pants. The politically corrupt and their cohorts in corporate media are clueless. What does repression and censorship of facts mean: it means FEAR.

REPEAT: The Lancet is one of the leading medical periodicals in the world, with over 600 patients undergoing clinical follow-up in this long-term study. Original article Source

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  1. HiCan you please provide me with the link to the Lancet article to which you refer in your report.Kind regardsMSent from my Galaxy


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