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Most children’s classic books are Sexist and Racist study concludes

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IRONIC that whilst children warm their hands on the fiery victors’ propaganda deploring the Reich’s placing pornographic and Communist books on bonfires the collapsing West is silent witness to the biggest bonfire of books since the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia in 1917.

The majority of popular children’s books should be removed from shelves, as they are ‘outdated,’ ‘sexist,’ ‘racist,’ and written from a ‘white male’ perspective, a new book-burner study suggests.

It claims, ‘The world represented in children’s books reflects predominantly middle class, heterosexual, male heroes and characters,’ reads the report of Dr (of philosophy) Helen Adam and Laurie Harper a schoolteacher.

The pair are from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia but really the two ‘academics’ could be the spawn of any Western university or college. It is also not surprising that Western media that in the real world would ignore a couple of left-wing teachers in the world’s most remote country gives the abusive pair worldwide publicity free of charge. But, when over a million angry citizens flood the streets of Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Darwin the news is air-brushed away..

According to the research, published recently in The Australian Educational Researcher, 90% of the books read in Australian and US day-care centres ‘promoted traditional, binary and stereotypical viewpoints of gender and gender roles’, something that Adam and Harper describe as ‘concerning.’

The authors of the study claim that, for example, illustrations in ‘Harry the Dirty Dog’ ‘show bias towards male representation and stereotypes of men,’ while the very idea of ‘promoting gender-neutral or inclusive occupational opportunities’ in a book called ‘I want to be a police officer’ is compromised with males outnumbering females 15-to-three.

Riding the crest of free Western mainstream media publicity, the two mediocre teachers lacking any recognisable qualification would not normally get past the college rag magazine. Dr (of philosophy) Adam has consistently exposed the ‘negative impact’ of traditional literature and films on children’s development. In her earlier studies, she criticised Dr Seuss’ books for portraying minority cultures ‘in stereotypical or exotic ways and often in subservient roles to white characters.

She or is it ‘it’ also blasts Disney’s favourites for instigating racism and gender stereotypes, calling Snow White an example of ‘a dependent woman.’

The researcher recommends replacing the ‘outdated’ classics with ‘more inclusive’ books, written within the last 20 to 30 years. Adam’s advice, however, left many readers unimpressed with some calling her a ‘leftist academic handwringer’ and even ‘insane.’

At the beginning of December, Amazon deleted buyer availability of all Michael Walsh book titles including his poetry, maritime classics, novels and romance books.

As the saying goes, ‘God works in mysterious ways.’  Within hours of Amazon removing Michael Walsh titles the giant online retailer’s customer platform crashed. Hundreds of millions of Amazon customers were greeted by ‘Bad Gateway Error’ (Happy Christmas from Amazon).

It doesn’t get any better for the censorious book-retailer as the fault-line of the ‘outage’ may have compromised tens of millions of customer bank accounts. Qualified advice suggests Amazon customers read not books but their bank statements.

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