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The Internet is the battlefield of the future, says journalist

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Mainstream media outlets continue their crusade against the people’s alternatives to Big Tech social media networks and other services, which mainstream media just happens to be in an incestuous relationship with. Corporate media are an integral part of Facebook, YouTube, Google, Amazon Twitter and other monopolies.

Ignoring the fact that what spurred the emergence of these alternative independent news platforms like GAB and Europe Renaissance was a wave of censorship by the Press and Silicone Valley left-wing autocratic despots. Facebook is more censorious than the Taliban. An image depicting a female nipple or a German soldier can get the user up to one month’s ban.

The new and growing independent ‘people’s media’ are branded by corporate pro-regime mainstream as rising ‘aggressively’.’ What particularly inflames corporate media is how The People Media like Europe Renaissance take media’s expensively produced news stories, removes their left-wing spin and republishes their news stories. We call it the laundry.



What is irking MAS is that the people’s news platforms are increasingly backed by opportunist billionaires and corporate figures and equal in weight to GAB social media news.

What’s really ‘problematic,’ from the point of view of mainstream media, is that this crop of billionaires finds an issue with Silicone Valley, Amazon and corporate media censorship and wants to actively participate in creating alternatives to that deplorable state of affairs.

This attempt to create choice and a plurality of platforms that allow different voices to be heard are dismissed by the liberal-left as building ‘unregulated avenues’ for political speech.

Singled out is YouTube alternative Rumble, which has agreed to go public in an implied valuation worth $2.1 billion via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) sponsored by financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald. That company’s ‘sin’ is that it is headed by Trump fundraiser Howard Lutnick.

Donald Trump’s own Trump Media & Technology Group will also go public after agreeing on terms with Digital World Acquisition and securing $1 billion in private investment in public equity (PIPE) financing.

‘Most internet sites have an audience that significantly exceeds the coverage of traditional media.’ ~ United Russia Deputy Dmitry Vyatkin.

In St. Petersburg, at a mainstream media journalists’ seminar’s theme was how the professionals might respond to a disappearing readership and loss of credibility.  One delegate remarked:

‘There is no such thing as neutral journalism’. Another explained that journalists are now ‘soldiers of communication’ with the emphasis being on the term soldiers. One of the best remarks was made by an erudite delegate who reminded the audience that ‘the internet and digital media are the battlefields of the 21st Century.’ Source

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