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The Aussies are not in the mood to surrender to Despotism

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Tens of thousands walked out to protest against Covid vaccine mandates in cities across Australia after the nation’s regional regimes made inoculation compulsory for a wide range of employees.

In Melbourne, protesters gathered outside the local parliament on Sunday, marching through the city centre and bringing traffic to a halt. Among the slogans seen and heard at the demonstration were ‘my body, my choice’ and ‘sack Dan Andrews,’ the latter being a reference to the dictator or so-called premier of the state of Victoria.

Andrews, who has been in office since 2014, has drawn significant public anger for his new public health laws. Passed earlier this month, they give Victoria’s junta more leeway in imposing lockdowns at the regional level. Last month, the authorities put in place a sweeping experimental vaccine mandate that included a very broad list of workplaces where Genocide Jabs would be compulsory, essentially covering almost all employees in the state.

The Freedom Rally passed almost without incident under the watchful eye of uniformed state agents. One 59-year-old woman was arrested for assaulting an operative. Verbal altercations between the protesters and bystanders were reported by the Australian media. Some of those who assembled had brought along their children, a move the organizers of the event had called for.

Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, has been a hotspot of anti-mandate protests in Australia of late, with demonstrators taking to the streets on a weekly basis. Similar scenes played out on Sunday in Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, where people voiced outrage over vaccine mandates for healthcare and education workers in New South Wales.

Ahead of the reopening of Queensland’s border to only vaccinated travellers from other states, anti-mandate rallies across the region also drew several thousand activists.

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  1. It doesn’t matter what mood they’re in. They are disarmed. Unless the army turns they don’t have the proverbial snowball’s hope. Even if they were armed, the same applies.

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    • Black Pete, it is true that we Aussies have been disarmed. However, we should never give up hope as this hands victory to the globalists.

      High powered semi auto firearms were confiscated in Australia after the arranged false flag attack at Port Arthur Tasmania in 1996, where a retarded twenty eight year old with an IQ of 66 was framed for a gun massacre that killed 35 people.

      It has been conclusively proven that Martin Bryant could not have possibly been the gunman at Port Arthur, as he did not have the skills that were demonstrated in the Broad Arrow cafe ,where I think 19 people were killed with head shots in 90 seconds. Only a close quarter marksmen could achieve this kill rate.

      Furthermore, there was no forensic evidence to link Bryant to the shootings. No fingerprints or DNA residue . He was coered into pleading guilty by his crooked lawyer , politicians and the Murdoch media ,and kept in prison ever since.

      What has all got to do with the unlawful vaccine mandates? Actually everything. Governments at all levels in Australia have been totally corrupt for a long long time. It has only been through suffering the absolute covid tyranny for the last two years that Australians began to realize just how evil politicians can be.

      Only when politicians start being put behind bars for their crimes will this abuse stop, and that is why we can never give up.


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