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There are few pursuits more healing than creative writing. Setting down one’s thoughts is a way to better understand and discover a solution to any situation. Self-expression through writing actually inspires creativity.

To use one’s imagination to bring to life people and situations so real you can’t tell the difference is a gift far superior to the talents of great artists. A painter will labour for weeks and even months to illustrate a single scene or situation. The writer can describe far more colourfully the complete story that inspired the painting.

We fondly recall the tales that captured our imaginations when we were young. The story of Pinocchio is known around the world. Pinocchio is very real to many of us. In fact, the endearing boy was the creation not of a Tuscan woodcarver named Geppetto but of the Italian writer Carlo Collodi.

There is nothing more liberating than writing especially if the storyline is fictional. Putting one’s thoughts down allows one to throw off the shackles of convention and conformity. Imagination allows the writer to create people, lives and situations so real you have no way of knowing if they are real or fictitious. This is the power of the pen.

As a writer, you have created a thousand pictures whereas the artist can paint just one image. You can sit back and say mission accomplished. It is yours, you can put your story on €1 memory sticks and send each in a gift card to share your story with family and friends.

For those wanting to share their gift the writer has other advantages over the artist with his or her easel. The amateur artist can do little about his shortcomings whereas the writer can engage a wordsmith for a modest fee to edit, enhance the storyline, add flair, flow and dialogue so the amateurish daubing is turned into a timeless masterpiece.

NOTE: MICHAEL WALSH offers a professional cost-effective editing and ghost-writing service for new and established writers. CONTACT MICHAEL at

Michael Walsh

Awarded  ‘Writer of the Year’ 2011

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