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Cancelled Christmas and New Year 2021 to be a Real Riot


Coincidence? All over Europe and Britain Christmas is cancelled by the timed arrival of a variant that has not killed a single person, is considered milder than a common cold by experts, and COVID ranks 24th in the list of killer diseases. Cancel Culture has merged with Cancel CHRIST MASS.

Tens of thousands of anti-repressions citizens clashed with police agents during a mass demonstration against anti-Covid measures in central London as officials claim to be ‘extremely worried’ about the epidemiological situation in the UK capital.

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A Freedom Rally organised by several resistance groups started at midday on Saturday at Parliament Square. Its participants are protesting the regime’s repressive mandates and mandatory experimental jabs for NHS staff, the recent introduction of what media term Covid-passports, and other repressive measures. None were wearing masks or keeping social distance, with many holding banners against ‘medical apartheid’ and ‘tyranny’.

There have been some scuffles between demonstrators and state operatives though generally the protest appears to be peaceful.


Meanwhile, the highly unpopular Mayor of London Sadiq Khan claimed earlier to be ‘extremely worried’ about the speed of the spread of the new Covid variant Omicron, which is now dominant in the capital.

Christmas Cancelled: Bars, cafes, and all but the most essential stores will close in the Netherlands until mid-January, as the Netherlands goes into hard lockdown in a bid the regime says to slow the spread of the Omicron variant.

In fact, there has not been a single case of death by this variant which has been described by the healthcare authorities as ‘extremely mild’; so mild that most effected are completely unaware of it.


The latest restrictions were announced by the regime on Saturday evening, after a meeting of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s cabinet that afternoon.

‘A sudden press conference on Saturday, four days after the last one, does not indicate anything good,’ Rutte said during a televised briefing, before delivering the bad news: ’The Netherlands goes back into lockdown, it shuts again.’

As of Sunday morning, all stores, services, and hospitality venues will close until January 14, save for a few essential outlets like supermarkets and pharmacies. Bars and cafes will shut, and restaurants will provide take-out meals only. Schools, many of which are already finished for Christmas, will close their doors.

Those determined to celebrate Christmas at home will be subject to restrictions, too. Throughout the lockdown, a maximum of two visitors per household will apply. Exceptions will be made for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, the latter a day typically celebrated in the Netherlands with drinks, parties, and home fireworks.

The Netherlands has been under partial lockdown since late November, with face masks required in most settings and ’non-essential locations’ forced to close between 5pm and 5am. However, the new restrictions mark the sharpest curbs on freedom and socialisation since the country entered a hard lockdown this time last year.

And while the new measures are ostensibly being taken to curb the spread of the highly transmissible and apparently vaccine-resistant Omicron variant of Covid-19, early data suggests that this new variant causes significantly milder symptoms than previous strains.

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Nearly 50 million Spaniards and as many more who have already organised family reunions await an announcement at 11 a.m. December 19 about Covid over Christmas by the notorious far-left Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

CHRIST MASS IS CANCELLED: The Netherlands is not the only European country to reimpose extreme repression over the mild sniffles’ variant.

CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED: In Denmark, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has announced a raft of new restrictions on stores and hospitality venues.

CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED: In Ireland on Friday, the government announced earlier closing times for pubs and restaurants to last until the end of January.

CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED: A march against Covid-19 vaccine mandates in Melbourne, Australia disrupted traffic and seen over 100,000 anti-regime police-hating demonstrators encircle a police station.

Crowds of protesters gathered in the capital city of Victoria state on Saturday to fume against the region’s sweeping vaccine mandates, which cover the vast majority of occupations, as well as other Covid-related regulations. The rally began outside the regional parliament, with people then marching on Melbourne West Police Station.

In the process, the number of demonstrators grew to several thousand, according to Australian media, with young children reportedly among them.

Protesters then surrounded the police station while chanting, ‘You serve us.’ One person walked in to hand over ‘some paperwork’ to the police. Local media reported that the man claimed the officers were ’taking directions from the government which is against the law.

Anti-mandate demonstrations have been held all across Australia, but most notably in the state of Victoria, for several consecutive weeks, often peaking on weekends. Slogans during Saturday’s rally ranged from the general ‘no vax mandate’ and ‘save our nation,’ to religious-themed ones, such as ‘In the name of God, for our and your freedoms’ as well as ‘Jesus wins.

Some demonstrators, mostly unmasked, also carried placards that offered ‘free hugs.’ Another recurring theme at these protests are called to ‘Sack Dan Andrews,’ which refer to Victoria’s tyrannical premier who, back in November, put in place sweeping vaccine mandates for employees working outside their homes, covering, effectively, most of the state’s industries.

According to some media reports, Andrews is now considering making booster doses a requirement for those who received their last shot more than six months ago.

Apart from Melbourne, a similar, thousands-strong demonstration was held on Saturday in the capital of Queensland, Brisbane.

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