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Since the vaccine roll-out, there’s been a funeral, after funeral, after funeral – Vicar’s Wife


At the freedom protest on 4 December in York, Sarah, whose husband is a vicar in the Church of England, spoke out about the battle between good and evil we are facing.

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‘We’re in a massive battle.  And this isn’t about the North or the South, or about whether you’re left or right politically.  This is not a battle about land.  This is actually a battle for the mind.  This is the greatest battle that you’re ever going to be in. What people are seeing now is the battle between good and evil,’ she said.

When asked her thoughts about vaccine mandates to protect others, she responded that it’s an inversion, darkness is taken as light, bitter as sweet.  It’s a military PSYOP

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You normally would think a vaccine would give you immunity. Boris Johnson has said it does not stop you from getting it, the vaccine does not give immunity.  It’s not a vaccine.  ‘Most people I know with Covid are double and triple vaccinated.

So, what they’re trying to do is to get you to do a virtue symbol.  Wear your mask so you can say ‘I’m a good person, I’m a good Christian.  I’m protecting people’.  No, you’re not.  You’re showing that you’re gagged.’

She explained that her husband is a vicar in the Church of England and that during the ‘pandemic’ he conducted very few funerals.  ‘Since the vaccine roll-out there’s been funeral, after funeral, after funeral,’ Sarah said.

You can watch excerpts of various interviews by English from the York protest, including a portion of Sarah’s above, HERE.

‘The Reverend Charlie Boyle, his wife and four children could be thrown out of the vicarage where they have lived for eight years after Church officials accused him of breaching Covid guidelines,’ the Daily Mail reported in July 2021

The vicar’s crimes? He comforted a mourner with a hug, sang a hymn while not wearing a face mask and placed bibles on church pews.  That vicar is Sarah’s husband. Anna Brees spoke to Sarah a few weeks after their story was published in the Daily Mail.

For the time being, Reverend Charlie Boyle remains the vicar of All Saint’s Branksome Park, Poole, Dorset. Source and videos

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