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For Algerians, it is payback time for the French occupation of Algeria

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In January 2021, French President Macron stated there would be no repentance nor apologies for the French colonisation of Algeria, colonial abuses or French involvement during the Algerian independence war. Ironically, the people of Algeria would have fared much better had Germany, Reich or otherwise had occupied them. No one ever complained of German colonialism which as Hitler said came through trade alliances, not by German swords. Even the French never complained of being mistreated by the German occupiers from 1940 to 1944.

The Algerian – French war was the culmination of the terrifying French occupation of Algeria from 1839 to 1962. In its wake was 123 years of anti-French bitterness which the French regime then imported into France itself.

The consequences are increasingly felt as many former French colonials consider it is now payback time. Several hundred football fans celebrated Algeria’s victory in the Arab Cup on the Champs-Élysées Street in Paris on Saturday night, but the celebrations quickly devolved into rioting as Algerians took the opportunity to run amok through the streets.

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Police recorded more than 400 crimes and arrested 32 rioters, as the France Bleu public radio station stated. Video of the chaos was spread widely on social media.

In another video, individuals can be seen posing on top of a French police car as police in the background watch on without intervening.

‘Perfectly unassimilated young people who love France, but who, if they had dared to do this in Algeria, would have ended up in prison. A small one-way trip would do them so much good!’ wrote Republican politician and MEP Nadine Morano.

Rioters surrounded the cars of random people on the streets of Paris, slammed on them, and then danced on top of their roofs. One video has been viewed over half a million times. Supporters of the Algeria national football team known as The Fennec Foxes gathered on the main boulevard despite measures banning rallies in this location. Several People’s Press videos taken on Saturday night show the police raid not only on the Champs-Élysées but also in the Barbès district, where the migrant community lives.

Although the celebrations took place in France, many of the people in attendance are draped in Algerian flags.

Since 1st December one £10 donation for running costs. Likely to cease publication January

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