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Western European Regimes under a Peoples Siege

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In the German city of Mannheim, anti-lockdown protesters have confronted uniformed and plain-clothed police operatives who were trying to break up a government forbidden anti-repression rally, leaving 13 state agents wounded.

One of the officers had to be hospitalised as a result. The demonstrators had ignored a ban on public gatherings, taking to the city streets regardless, to hold what they described as a stroll. Among the slogans heard at the rally were ‘Peace, Freedom, no Dictatorship,’ as well as ‘We are the people!’ The demonstrators also set off firecrackers along their route.

At first, state cops were notifying the people through Orwellian-type loudspeakers that they were violating the regional regime’s, which, in turn, led to several altercations, and eventually a brawl that was caught on camera.

In the footage circulating on social media, a group of protesters are seen forcing their way through a police line, with some throwing deliberate punches at the officers, as Patrick Knapp, a spokesperson for Mannheim police, told the media.

Authorities detained 13 protesters suspected of attacking the police and issued warnings to another 131 for violating the ban on public gatherings. Government operatives have also vowed to monitor social media more closely in the coming days for signs of trouble brewing.

In fact, government agents are known to be constantly policing social media such as Facebook, VK and GAB. In the London Metropolitan police area, there are more police monitoring social media than deployed on murder investigations.

Another similar protest in the same region, in the town of Weinheim, also descended into violence between activists and state law enforcement, with two government agents sustaining injuries.

Unauthorised protests against Covid (flu) measures were also held in the city of Rostock, with 50,000 people attending according to social media and people’s press video footage. Tens of thousands of anti-regime activists gathered in Schwerin, Magdeburg, and Cottbus as well. All those demonstrations passed without incident, with no reports of clashes or violence.

Such events in Germany are being repeated daily throughout Western Europe but go unreported by pro-regime mainstream media. Over the third weekend in December over one million anti-Westminster Freedom Marchers gathered in London. The BBC and ITV channels failed to notice the record-breaking protests.

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