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Writing is a rags to riches rewarding pursuit


Few writers are under any illusions as to their chances of their book becoming a blockbuster. Amazon pays from 10 cents to $3 per book sale. Amazon doesn’t promote books; you do.

Try pushing 150 books a month just to earn enough to pay a modest rent. Don’t let this put you off as we are talking about better and more rewarding alternatives to Amazon.

Fewer than 50 per cent of writers are inclined to upload to Amazon or try their luck through writers’ agents. If this seems strange then consider how many talented people without thought of reward are at this moment sculpting figurines, creating earthenware, composing music, indulging in photography, painting landscapes, or making jewellery and clothing.

They do it because following your dream expresses your creativity. Their interest and their passion are relaxing pursuits. On completion, theirs is an achievement of which they and their families can be proud.


Writers are undeniably kings and queens. Their rivals in other creative pursuits have little or no chance of sharing their achievement with others. Try selling your dress designs, jewellery, your artwork, your wife’s portrait, busts and figurines, or your sheets of music.

Yet, for comparatively little outlay the writer can be his own publisher. He or she can order their books from a reputable book printer. After having his book printed and delivered the writer can sell copies and put in their bank both the publisher’s fees and the royalties.

Let us imagine 200 or maybe 500 copies of your book are delivered to your door. Do what I did on a number of occasions. Each time I hit the road I hit the jackpot.

Each book cost perhaps €3 to be printed and has a cover price of €8.95. Copies can be sold directly to buyers at fetes, soirées, charity events, music gigs, performances, home book signing functions, shared market stalls, writers’ circles, garden parties. The seller pockets €6 profit.

I also used the Sale or Return method. Wherever appropriate, booksellers, retailers, tourist offices, giftware shops, etc, say a dozen books are left ‘sale or return’ so no risk to the vendor. The retailer receives the usual one-third (€3) for each book sold and the author slips into their purse a profit of €3. You don’t wish to do this yourself. Offer the salesman’s job to a friend and pay them €3 per copy sold.

Finally, or beforehand, you need your book edited or ghost-written before being published. If your book is expertly brought to retail standard then you sell a lot more copies so your ghost writer’s fee is a super investment. Well done, writers of this world.

PS: If you really want to get your book into as many hands and hearts as possible then here is a tip: Engage me as a ghost-writer to flesh out your book or edit your completed book. I can bring it up to retail standards for you. On completion, simply use your laptop or a friend’s to save your book onto a memory stick; they’re a couple of euros each. Then pop a memory stick into the post for your friends and family. Hey ho, they read your book as if it was an EBook on their laptops, readers or Smartphones. Smart huh! Help for writers

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