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King Making Spanish Party says NO to Flu-Passports

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At a press conference today, Tuesday, December 21, Macarena Olona, the general secretary of the anti-globalist right-wing Spanish political party, VOX, encouraged citizens to stand up against the use of the Covid (flu) passport in Spain. ‘It has no health reason, but it does have a social control reason’, she claimed.

‘We can only get rid of fear, when we remove our fear, we will recover our dignity as a people,’ she said. Ms Olona continued by highlighting her belief that the vaccination certificate in Spain only works as an instrument of social control that restricts the rights and freedoms of citizens.

As a Spaniard born free and vaccinated with a full schedule, I could obtain the Covid certificate, and my rights would not be limited. However, as a Spaniard, a free and vaccinated woman, I refuse to submit the exercise of my rights and freedoms to the display of any certificate’, stated Olona.

In her opinion, the so-called Covid passport could be useful in other countries that have different legislations from Spain. There it could be used to condemn the unvaccinated population to civil death, and use it as an instrument of coercion to increase the percentage of vaccination.

However, in Spain, where about 90 per cent of the population is claimed to be fully jabbed, Ms Olona believes that it is an unconstitutional and discriminatory measure. ‘I encourage all Spaniards to shed fear and join in this defence of rights and freedoms,’ she added.

The VOX leader explained that she believes the public authorities have already tasted ‘the honey of totalitarianism’, and ‘increasingly want more’, turning Spain into ‘17 kingdoms of taifa,’ with each autonomous community adopting different measures.


Olona demanded that Pedro Sanchez’s government adopts the necessary sanitary measures to contain the spread of the virus, based on scientific, technical, and sanitary criteria, as opposed to delegating to the autonomies under the name of ‘co-governance’.

VOX intends to appeal all regional laws and regulations that implement passport control said Ms Olona. They will also oppose other types of restrictions that, in their opinion, violate the legal system, as they have done already with the laws of the Canary Islands, and Galicia.

The latest measure to be appealed was the implementation of the Covid certificate in Andalucia, before the Andalucian High Court of Justice. Olona has acknowledged that this appeal has little chance because the same court recently endorsed it. She explained though that her objective is to exhaust this legal route in order to reach the Constitutional Court.

In her opinion, Olana said that it should be the Government itself that appealed these measures, since this summer it spoke out against the passport, but believes that it has done absolutely nothing because it is only interested in keeping citizens ‘at loggerheads, as reported by

Supporters of Spain’s far-right Vox Party take part at a campaign meeting in Barcelona, Spain, Friday, Feb. 12, 2021. Catalan regional elections will be held on Sunday. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

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