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The Death of Open Borders Europe


Several statements are to be made in Paris, which will take over the post of interim EU presidency from January 1 for six months. One of them will concern a radical revision (cancellation) of the open borders’ provisions of Schengen legislation.

Macron has already proposed that visas and general border control be transferred to a system called SIS (Schengen Information System). All information about those who want to cross the EU will have to be stored there, and not in the departments of internal affairs of the countries belonging to the Schengen zone.

Macron has already put forward a proposal for the restoration of control at the internal borders of the Schengen zone, that is, between the countries that are part of it. Why? To curb the previous and still existing hapless and hopeless open borders whilst luring migrants to the world’s tiniest continent.

This move caused concern in Switzerland, which is not part of the EU but is located in this zone. They would have to strengthen their own border service to protect Switzerland from mass migrant invasions from neighbours Germany and France.

Who is responsible for Europe being overwhelmed by migrants anyway? Macron’s France and Merkel’s Germany: Where do all these people go, MEP Nicolas Be asks. How and who helps them, and no one has any doubts that they are being helped, to pass or drive from Italy to France or Germany? How then do illegal migrants find themselves in the suburbs of Marseille, Paris, Cologne, Calais?

Not to mention the fact that in the water area, packed with ships, including the US Sixth Fleet, tracking all routes, somehow some inflatable boats somehow find some ships of some NGOs. Who, taking on board illegal immigrants, always emphasising that there are women and minors among them, begin to blackmail Spain, Malta and mainly Italy into being welcome on the Mediterranean beaches.

How, one wonders, do these inflatable boats find various rescuers? How do they know that they will be located exactly in these coordinates?

Which is as simple as it is terrible: European politicians, whether they want it or not, willingly or unwillingly, cover up human trafficking. Macron, intending to lead the European Union for the next six months to abruptly change the course of the community regarding the control of illegal migration. Source Translation by Michael Walsh

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