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Peace and Good Will to those of Peace and Goodwill

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MICHAEL WALSH ~ During times of deep spiritual meaning any message to humanity other than a trite ‘peace and goodwill to all men’ must be thoughtfully composed.

Spain, Christmas 2021

For many years I travelled the world; I lived, worked and clinked drinking glasses with men and women in twice as many countries as this paragraph has words. My fellow travellers were of every race, culture, religion and belief.

I recall very few hosts and guests who wished me or my friends any harm. I was welcomed across thresholds of homes from Buenos Aires to Melbourne, Aden and the Indian continent to Japan, Libya, African villages and on to the shanty towns of Africa. I found mostly good men and women of goodwill.

What separated us was good or bad intent. The weight of good far outweighed the weight of bad. If someone needed help, I helped them and this approach was returned.

I keep a letter sent to me: ‘Where will I find a person like you? Sometimes in life, we walk in the street and meet so many people, but they are just a few that leave a mark and make a difference in your life, I must confess you are one of them. If you lacked interest or integrity, you wouldn’t have bothered whether I finished the manuscript or not! Real friends don’t come by accident. I believe in good karma. You’ve always believed in me from day one.’ ~ Betty Musole.

Betty was a Zambian villager born into a primitive African existence of unimaginable hardship and callousness. For men and women like Betty, I have nothing but gratitude. I wish them peace and goodwill on earth and after mortality.


On the other hand, I never underestimate the evil a minority can and will inflict harm on their fellow man regardless of race or religion. Those of evil intent can be divided by this factor alone; whether they are good or bad human beings. For this reason, I wish peace and goodwill only on men and women of good intent whatever their social status, their creed or their race.

For those who by whatever means and method destroy or profit from other people for their own greed and gratification, who bring death, disease, destruction on their mortal wayfarers, I wish them hell on earth. I assure them that hell has patience and will await them. For the good men and women of this earth may your God or Gods be with you this Christmas, 2022 and for your future lives. ~ Michael Walsh.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Michael, and have a very good New Year. I won’t say Happy New Year simply because of the rotten Lockdown restrictions being forced on most of humanity. We are living in very evil times. Anyone who believes there is no such thing as ‘evil,’ has their head buried in the sand. Always thinking of you and the great work you are doing. Also, is there any way of buying your books, now that Amazon has censored them?

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