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Which is most influential Social or Mainstream Media


Who do you trust to give you the news in the midst of the total collapse in the prestige and reliability of journalism: Glenn Greenwald or Chuck Todd? Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Matt Taibbi or Matt Lauer? Michael Walsh ~ or household name television anchors and media columnists?

Most would wager that there are anonymous Twitter accounts and satirical social media websites like Europe Renaissance that are more trusted today than most major corporate outlets in the Western World. This collapse in the popularity of the mainstream media is most noticeable on the Citizen’s Media (social media) sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Scan the accounts of corporate media high profile journalists there. You will see that most of the mainstream media pundits have lost their audience. Count the number of Likes and Retweets and Comments these over-hyped stars of print and television media get. It is embarrassingly low.


An authority says: ‘One of the things that most irritated my fellow journalists was that I was not shy about pointing out that I had nearly 500,000 followers on Twitter while most of the mainstream presenters had less than a tenth of that number, even though many of them worked at so-called major outlets and were heavily promoted in what was once called mainstream media.’

Twitter (in particular) has accidentally revealed the relative unpopularity of America’s corporate media figures. Ari Melber Chief Legal correspondent of MSNBC has almost one million followers but he can’t muster 50 likes on most of his tweets.

Chuck Todd of CBN’s Meet the Press has 2.1 million followers but he can’t get 200 likes most days. Why does NBC TV anchor Andrea Mitchell’s account have 1.9 million followers and zero interest?

Why doesn’t anyone care about George Stephanopoulos’ tweets either? Just look around at all these empty accounts: Savannah Guthrie, Bret Baier, Brian Stelter, Ezra Klein, Christiane Amanpour. Take your pick. They’re people equivalents to ghost towns. 

Although dependent upon donations less than 0.1% of readers support us. Does anyone see the problem?

The big corporate media outlets try desperately to hide their unpopularity by padding a lot of social media accounts with fake followers. The so-called ‘bots’ have to be added. The tweets have to be boosted. The ratings have to be manipulated.

The self-styled back-slapping prestige media like the BBC, ITV, Washington Post have obviously lost their popularity as well. The Washington Post’s own Twitter account supposedly has 18.5 million Twitter followers but it can’t get 50 likes on most of its posts on any given day.

This helps to explain the corporate media’s war against Project Veritas, GAB and The Babylon Bee and Tucker Carlson, and many more.

Liberals can read ratings just as well as the rest of us. They know that their audience has left them too. One of the mental blocks that Westerners have to overcome is the stubborn habit of thinking that the corporate media is acting in good faith.


Why do you think most corporate media journalists are in favour of ‘regulating’ social media? Why do you think the regulation they favour involves conservative and independent journalists being censored and de-platformed?

These liberal scribblers know that they’ve lost their audience. They don’t appreciate the exposure and rivalry, indeed the supremacy of social media.  Liberal scribblers can tell when it is time to clear their desks and are told not to slam the door on their way out to the local supermarkets to try their hand at stacking grocery shelves.

Gates, Fauci, and Daszak were charged with Genocide in Court Filing on December 20, 2021. Never forget, this scam-shattering news appeared first on the PEOPLE’S FREE MEDIA, social media. Not Corporate state-sponsored media.

The TRUTH and press freedom are on trial today. I just checked the BBC News app and guess what, no mention about the extradition hearing of Julian Assange. The mainstream media is no longer challenging or investigating wrongdoing by the govt. They are now an accomplice of govt.’ Tech entrepreneur and activist Kim Dotcom.

‘The presstitutes are worse than the whores that they are. They never question the path to war; they only amplify it. Washington’s craven, cowardly, moronic vassal states in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the rest of the EU/NATO idiots are, by their cooperation with Washington, begging for their own destruction. Nowhere in the West is there a sign of intelligence.’ – Glenn Greenwald 

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  1. The dark ages lasted a thousand years, without the hi-tech available today. Was George correct about the “forever” part? Terrifying thought.

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