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Why were so many ancient gods born on December 25, the winter solstice?

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The December 25th birthday of the sun god is a common story worldwide, dating back at least 12,000 years, as reflected in winter solstice scenes recorded in caves. Around the world beginning thousands of years ago, people have celebrated the birth of the god Sol (Sun) to the Queen of Heaven, the Celestial Virgin. The winter solstice has been celebrated in many places, from China to the Americas.

Ancient Greeks celebrated the birthday of Hercules and Dionysus on this date of December 25th. The Christmas festival was celebrated in Athens and was called The Lenaea, during which time, apparently, ‘the death and rebirth of the harvest infant Dionysus were similarly dramatized.’

This Lenaea festival is depicted in an Aurignacian cave painting in Spain (34,000-23,000 Before Present), with a young Dionysus with huge genitals, standing naked in the middle of ‘nine dancing women. The Romans celebrated the famed festival of Saturnalia at this time.

The Greco-Syrian sun god Adonis was also born on December 25th, a festival ‘spoken of by Tertullian, Jerome, and other Fathers of the Church, who inform us that the ceremonies took place in a cave and that the cave in which they celebrated his mysteries in Bethlehem, was that in which Christ Jesus was born.’


What’s with all the Virgin’ Mothers of Gods and Heroes?

Mother Isis and Child

The list of pre-Christian gods, heroes, kings and queens who were said to have been ‘born of a virgin’ or miraculously born includes the following:



Egyptian gods Ra and Apis

Egyptian queen Hetshepsut

Pharoah Amenophis III

Persian ‘prophet’ Zoroaster

Melchizedek, biblical High Priest and King of Salem

Persian king Cyrus

Plato, ‘the divine’ and ‘son of Apollo’

Julius Caesar

Apollonius of Tyana, Greek sage

Taliesin, Merlin and Llew Llaw of the British Isles

Chinese philosophers Fohi and Lao-Kium

Buddha and Jesus–Are They the Same?

PICTURE Xmas Virgin Births

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