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When war is provoked where will the rich go

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Mainstream media, ‘the keyboard government plays on, notoriously leads the bayonet charge against Russia and China. Caught ‘on camera’ constantly telling blatant untruths about Russia, criticism and even outrage at Press lying runs like water off a duck’s back.

Finian Cunningham: ‘War is a profitable business. It seems that the US and NATO have placed it at the heart of its economy. This is why US politicians and military officials have claimed that Russia poses a threat to their nation and its allies, adding that Washington’s only real enemy is peace.’


What the United States wanted was not regime change in Iraq but rather a region change. The Bush Administration’s reasons for war were oil and Israel.’ – Tariq Aziz, Iraq Deputy Prime Minister (1973 – 2003) Minister of Foreign Affairs (1983 – 1991. Arrested in 2003 by the Americans, tortured and died in prison.

What we see now is an action replay of the lead-up to war with the sorely provoked and villified German Reich in the late 1930s. ‘History will judge the Press generally to have been the principal cause of war. Of all Germans, Hitler is the most moderate as far as Danzig and the Corridor are concerned,’ conceded Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain (16 August 1939).

This leads us to the question of where do the elite disappear too when war with Russia and China is provoked. Will it be a matter of ‘we’re all in this together’ like it is with the fake Covid pandemic? Not if we learn from history:

Upon the fall of France on June 20, 1940, the Duke of Windsor was appointed Governor of the Bahamas. Britain’s gold reserves of the Bank of England were shipped through Liverpool and on to Ottawa, Canada. The Minister of Information, Alfred Duff Cooper sent his son Julius to Canada but failed to inform everyone. 

Parents who could afford to do so shipped their families out to America or the Commonwealth.  Royal Navy ships were placed on standby to evacuate members of the Royal Family and key members of the government to the United States.

‘In June, July and August of 1940, over 6,000 children took part in the exodus of the rich,’ according to P. Addison, Sunday Times Magazine May 21, 1972 (The Fears that Flawed the Finest Hour)

‘The working class began to feel, with some justification, that the rich had plans to get out whilst the going was good.’ – The First Casualty, Phillip Knightley, Andre Deutsch. London 1975.

Now you guess where the NATO bosses, their cronies, the British royals, the ministers and the politicians will be when they provoke Russia enough to cause a local (Europe) military response.


Don’t worry about Britain’s Press barons; they are in the United States already. Enjoy your war, Mr and Mrs Tommy Atkins. You will inherit the radiation reeking shell hole once your ‘Land of the Free’.’ whilst those who brought war down on your heads and country will be watching from their boltholes in safe countries. SOURCE Witness to History, Mike Walsh.

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