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Could Amazon’s Blockade on Truthers Seriously Backfire

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When an author historian suffers years of system ambushes set by Amazon it makes publishing books a challenge. When Amazon’s coup de grâce is on a whim to close the author’s account one imagines smugness on the spotty faces of cancel-culture vultures lurking in Silicon Valley as they remove his life support apparatus.

My family constantly worried that Amazon would one day close our account offering over 70 books on many topics. I reassuringly replied that whilst Amazon might continue to delete true history books 90 per cent of my non-controversial books would remain.

Why not? My books included maritime history, romantic novels, poetry collections, crime-related novels, peace and culture poetry, business advice, stories of Africa. Surely these were safe.

I was wrong. Without reason, warning or appeal Amazon’s anonymous gnomes lurking in the catacombs of hell smirked as they hit ‘the dead man’s switch.’ I am far from alone. Amazon, like Facebook and Twitter, do not believe in customer integrity or loyalty. Thousands of books previously published by Amazon have been removed as being not woke enough.

In my view, God or whatever the great spirit you know him by sees everything. I believe, as did many significant figures, that what we describe as inspiration is in fact a whisper in the consciousness suggestion from God.

Inspired to raise my banned Europe Arise from the funeral ashes, I decided to offer the Light-Man’s Survival Manual as a free download and to invite financial support to replace Amazon’s (meagre) royalties. In this way, I could continue to support myself as a writer. EUREKA! Within 24-hours I received a donation from Mr Pirie in Britain.

By offering free download I kill three birds with one stone. 1) enlighten and inspire others 2) keep a roof over our heads 3) hit Amazon’s income. Making EUROPE ARISE a free download is a success for both 1) and 2) but surely 3) is a tall order? My reply, ‘Goliath was tall and David was small. ‘

If I were to FREE download other banned titles banned by Amazon the readership of my censored books would explode from a few to hundreds, thousands, to tens of thousands. People funded; financial support might even exceed the royalties once paid by Amazon.

Monika and Alfred Schaefer


But wait a minute; what if other snubbed publishers and authors were to follow our lead? What if I was to start a trend away from ruinously expensive + postage + delays published books? The haemorrhage of lost business would cripple the corrupt giant.

Everyone wins ~ except Amazon: My book readership will accelerate to thousands. My Peoples Publishing income could exceed what I previously received from Amazon. The candles of true history would light the darkness that descended on a world.

Please make my hunch come true: For UK and EU citizens making a donation is simpler than an online debit card purchase. If outside this region we use an alternative reliable service. If you would like to transfer a financial gift to Michael contact Michael direct at


When Amazon deleted EUROPE ARISE a book praising White history, culture and achievements including advice Amazon denied the author his income and the readers right to choose.

It is my belief that by making EUROPE ARISE a FREE download enough good-hearted souls will donate to enable others to be better informed and inspired by Michael Walsh’s epic EUROPE ARISE.

A bank transfer is easy and if you live in the EU or UK is easier and quicker than an ordinary debit card purchase. CONTACT Michael at

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  1. This is so wonderful, Mike, that you have done this! More people will benefit with access to the truth, it’s a win-win. One question I still have though, how can folks get your hard copy books anymore? I know that there will always be a need and desire to have physical books – and those truly outlast anything else, as they don’t suffer the fickleness of the grid, and/or the machinations of those who can change digital contents at the stroke of a key.

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    • Thanks, Monika, and Happy New Year to you and Alfred. Sadly, unless a conventional publisher comes to my aid (don’t hold your breath) it is unlikely we will see conventionally printed books in the near future. Like you say, this is NOT the outcome that Amazon wished for. Hugs, Michael

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