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Viral video shows mom and kid kicked out of restaurant by police due to lack of vaccine passport

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Increasingly common in big cities’ ‘papers please’ society. When it comes to controversies surrounding Covid mandates, particularly vaccine passes, the rift these are causing in societies around the world will obviously have to get worse before it gets better.

In New York City, a mother and her child were thrown out of a restaurant because she could not show the weeping boy’s vaccine passports to the police sent to the establishment.


A video of the incident that has shocked many has appeared on social (NOTE: not mainstream) networks, that shows an NYPD officer approaching the table where the woman and her young child were seated, to inform the mother that they must leave, unless they can produce the boy’s Covid pass.

The heart-breaking scene was met with indignant disapproval from several people inside the restaurant who witnessed it, and said the behaviour of the police was tantamount to scaring and traumatizing a child, calling it ‘disgusting and gross.’

The tiny boy, seemingly unsure of what to do and what is happening, is seen surrounded by a number of armed, masked and uniformed towering figures, as well as what appear to be other patrons who gathered at the scene, upset.

According to reports, it’s still unknown where the incident took place, but it seems to be an Applebees place in Queens. The area was in the news recently for an anti-repression protest held at the Queens Center Mall.

To those dismayed and criticizing their actions, the NYPD officers said that all those without proof that they have been vaccinated must leave, or otherwise face charges and arrest on trespassing grounds. ‘This will be your only warning,’ one policeman is heard saying.

Instead of addressing the specific incident shown in the now-viral video, where a mother and her child were targeted for failure to present a Covid vaccine card when asked for comment, a spokesman for the New York City police force spoke about the previous protest at the same location.

Under current NYC rules for private businesses children as young as 5 must show proof they had been vaccinated with at least one dose. Source


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  1. @BlackPete: The problem is White Americans and, I assume, most of Western Europe don’t see it that way. They believe the official story about WWII (“Germans are bad!”) and they compare everything they don’t like to Hitler or Nazis or “the Holocaust” instead of saying “This is wrong, and here’s why…” It’s almost like they want to infer that there was only one genocide in history, and that it was committed by white people. That’s why I get irritated when people use the “Hitler” comparison. It’s not just because it’s based on a lie, but also because people associate genocide being committed by only white people, (Unfortunately, only few people know WWII was based on lies, and it’s often those of us who read websites like this ) Nobody calls the 1804 slaughter of white French people by Haitians as genocide. Nobody calls Turks or Mongols raiding and ruling over Eastern Europeans as colonialism or imperialism, but they only call Europeans/white men as ‘colonialists’ or ‘imperialists’

    One time some liberal accused me of being Hitler because I told them I was against open borders. They said “Hitler didn’t want undesirables in Germany either! You think these brown Mexicans are undesirables in America.” Sometimes I respond sarcastically “Did you know Hitler drank water??!!” Once I said–being serious–to a leftist, “Did you know Hitler passed laws against animal abuse? He was also against smoking, too. So are you also Hitler since you support animal rights?”

    I know I’m going on and on, but don’t expect Americans to think critically or question things they’re taught. Most White Americans think “Germans, bad” and “Blacks/nonwhites,, Jews and muslims are poor innocent victims!”


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