Month: December 2021

European Union cuts its throat to please Washington DC

Why is Western media silent about the lethal self-destruction of an essential gas jugular vein leading to Germany and Europe? The stopping of Europe-dependent Russian gas supplies to Germany via the Yamal-Europe network is not political or related to the wait for certification of the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline, so the Kremlin said on Tuesday, the first day of Winter.

Western European Regimes under a Peoples Siege

In the German city of Mannheim, anti-lockdown protesters have confronted uniformed and plain-clothed police operatives who were trying to break up a government forbidden anti-repression rally, leaving 13 state agents wounded. One of the officers had to be hospitalised as a result. The demonstrators had ignored a ban […]

Laboratories in US Can’t Find COVID-19 in a single one of 1,500 Positive Tests

A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory say he and colleagues from seven universities are suing the CDC for massive fraud. The reason: not one of 1,500 samples of people tested ‘positive’ could find Covid-19. All were simply found to have Influenza A. and to a lesser extent Influenza B. This is consistent with the previous findings of other scientists, which have been reported on several times.