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A Revolution in Writing and Reading

EUROPE RENAISSANCE NEWSDESK stories censored by mainstream media. Your donations keep the truth published. PLEASE HELP US. It is easier than you think. Details contact Michael Walsh

For the first time in history, book readers are publishers too: Less than 20 years ago we bought newspapers. It never crossed our minds that newspapers could be free. Does anyone buy a newspaper these days?

The reason our newspapers are free is that 1) Publishing costs are more than covered by advertising income. 2) Media is sponsored by powerful interests such as government (advertising), Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros Foundations and suchlike.

Michael Walsh author of over 70 books and thousands of media columns

Does anyone buy books anymore?  Yes, but not for much longer. Books are profitable only for the likes of Amazon and conventional publishers. Like Twitter and Facebook Amazon is bigoted and expensive. For unknown authors, book publishers are impenetrable because entry is by money, connections or both.

A revolution in writing and reading is well advanced. Reading in future will be free because previously snubbed authors will be paid by charitable donors who fund the painstaking research and time spent on a new book title.

EUROPE ARISE (Michael Walsh) banned by Amazon was the result of many months of research and laborious writing. For Those Who Cannot Speak (Michael Walsh) cost 17.45 euros + carriage + weeks waiting.

The writer and readers partnership will mean the same books and others like it are free and instantly read. No contest and no more sleigh rocket rides in space for the anti-Christ Jeff Bezos.

Book readers are replacing conventional publishers. It is a writer and readers everyone wins revolution. Book lovers read as many Free Download books as they wish. They can send the PDF link to friends or print from the Free Download. Reader’s donations leave authors free to research and spend their time writing books.


It gets better: when you buy a book the old way the author gets only 10% of the cover price. When supporters of Free Download sponsor writers by sending a donation, the hardworking author receives 100% of the money gifted. Writers can be comforted by the expectation that charitable supporters will sponsor them.


When Amazon deleted EUROPE ARISE a book praising White history, culture and achievements including advice Amazon denied the author his income and the readers right to choose.

It is my belief that by making EUROPE ARISE a FREE download enough good-hearted souls will donate to enable others to be better informed and inspired by Michael Walsh’s epic EUROPE ARISE.

A bank transfer is easy and if you live in the EU or UK is easier and quicker than an ordinary debit card purchase. CONTACT Michael at

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