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The Dead Man’s Scandal

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Covid profiteering Press barons encourage editors and copy scribblers to chortle on the rare occasion that an anti-vaxxer dies of what they claim is Covid-19 (flu). However, when tens of thousands die of vaccinitus after the Genocide Jab, including 323 super-healthy sports professionals, the media keeps quiet about those who took the ‘cyanide pill’.

Carlos Tejada, a New York Times Deputy Asia Editor, has died at the age of 49. He suffered a heart attack within hours after posting to social media that he had received a Moderna booster vaccination. Tejada, who worked in part on the paper’s COVID-19 coverage, was married with two children. He had worked at the Wall Street Journal prior to moving to the Times, where he worked for almost five years.


According to Tejada’s own Instagram page, he was grateful to receive the mRNA/LNP booster while in Seoul, South Korea. Tejada originally received the Johnson & Johnson DNA/AAV COVID-19 vaccination in July 2021. Less than a day after receiving his Moderna booster on December 17th, Tejada died of a heart attack. The news was shared via Tejada’s social media by his wife Nora the following morning.

Former NY Times journalist Alex Berenson reported on his Substack that Tejada did not give informed consent to receive the booster shot, as the consent form was written in Korea and Tejada did not read Korean. Berenson also noted that there have been no clinical trials on the efficacy of mixing two different types of vaccinations.

Studies conducted on COVID-19 vaccinations suggest that those who receive vaccines in rapid succession are more likely to develop heart complications, such as myocarditis and pericarditis.

The NY Times has thus far made no reference to Tejada having received his booster shot just hours before his premature death. To this, Berenson, a former employee of the newspaper, said he hoped that Tejada’s death would finally ‘wake the Times.’

Studies published to AAHA have suggested that mRNA vaccines increase inflammatory markers in patients. Prior to Tejada receiving his Moderna booster, the CDC announced that 80 percent of COVID-19 Omicron ’variant’ cases were found in ‘fully-vaccinated’ individuals. This clearly suggests that the much-touted Omicron variant is in fact the body’s natural response to being attacked by an unnatural toxin.

Forty-seven per cent of Omicron cases have been found in those individuals who’ve only received the first vaccination, with 33 per cent of cases identified in people with both vaccinations and boosters.

On his social media, Tejada joked that Omicron could ‘hit [him] with your wet snot,’ before going on to say, ‘all I had to do was fill out this form in a language I can’t read. Translation software tells me I now belong to the BTS army.’ Source


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