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Return of Separate Ethnic Development Apartheid

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A Minnesota school board unanimously voted to pay black teachers and Native-American teachers more than their European colleagues on no basis other than colour, not for merit or seniority or for taking on extra duties. They also voted to segregate staff into separate parts of the school based solely on colour.

‘The board is chaired by Jodi Sapp, who previously came under fire for requiring concerned parents to reveal their most private details in order to comment on school matters. Under her leadership, the board voted to amend district policy so that non-European teachers only may receive additional salaries to become mentors to other non-white colleagues.

The new meeting rules by Sapp state that parents or others speaking at board meetings may not identify board members by name or district staff members while speakers must identify themselves with their name and address, and must limit themselves to commenting only on agenda items. 


When one man spoke without identifying himself, he was silenced until he consented and gave his address. At first, he gave only the name of the street he lived on, but Sapp told him that was not enough. The man said he was afraid to give the number because his home had been egg-bombed because of his opinions in the past. 

Critics point out that the new policies will have administrators placing teachers in work environments based on their race and so is segregation. Board members explained that this is not segregation.’

Would it be segregation if they created special places for European teachers to teach only among other White teachers and offered to pay White teachers more to mentor other white teachers while disallowing that special stipend for teachers of colour?

BIPOC is a new acronym that came about in 2020 during the Black Lives Matter protests, Blacks and Indians, the only kind of people of colour indigenous to the US. So, the new privileges and higher pay do not exist for other people especially if they are of the evil white colour.

If the teacher’s classes are grouped by colour, their students will be, too. One must assume if it is a non-white space and is limited to only blacks and indigenous people that kids from those ethnicities will not be allowed in those spaces any more than adults. 

Developing new opportunities for being ‘separate but equal’ where some are ‘more equal than others,’ a Colorado elementary school decided to establish a Families of Colour Playground Night so that chosen colours of people could play without fear of Europeans being around them or without having to talk to them, or so they could, at least, talk about those things they wouldn’t want to talk about while around Whites.

One wonders if mixed-race parents can go there to be a part of their family, or would they be ordered out?  This appears illegal under Colorado’s constitution.

Of course, it would only be segregation if Europeans were starting special playground times where their kids wouldn’t have to associate with black kids so that white parents in predominantly black neighbourhoods could feel more comfortable supervising their kids among only their own kind and knowing their kids are only playing with their own kind.


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