Author Of Bambi Also Wrote Notorious Pornographic Novel About Child Prostitute

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Besides writing Bambi, the novel upon which the Disney animated movie is based, Jewish author Felix Salten also wrote a notorious pornographic novel about a child prostitute which was so hideously obscene that it became illegal to even own a copy of it:

While the 1942 Disney film Bambi is world-famous as a classic of animated cinema, the man behind the story, an eminent writer in pre-war Vienna who because of his paedophilia had to flee from avenging National Socialists, is little known. Felix Salten was a product of cultural descent in Vienna around the turn of the 20th Century. As a Vienna exhibition that shines a spotlight on the neglected creator shows, he was a prolific writer who moved in the same circles as the likes of fellow ethnic Sigmund Freud, the godfather of psychoanalysis.

Felix Salten’s press card for the year 1933 (© Wienbibliothek im Rathaus)

Salten wrote the poignant tale of the fawn bereaved of his mother by hunters in 1922 under the title Bambi: A Life in The Woods. It didn’t enjoy success. However, in the 1930s, Salten sold the film rights for the text for $1,000 to an American producer, who in turn sold them to Disney.


As for the book itself, ‘Felix Salten changed publishers and it became much more successful,’ said Ursula Storch, curator of the exhibition at the Wien Museum dedicated to the city’s history. ‘Of course, it was made famous by the film adaptation in 1942. But by then his works had been banned, first in Hitler’s Germany and then in Austria.

In March 1939, Salten fled the Reich Austria to Switzerland, taking with him a library comprising thousands of volumes. Two years later, the National Socialists stripped him of his nationality.

His Swiss granddaughter Lea Wyler never knew him personally but says that accounts handed down through the family tell of a broken man marked by successive tragedies.

‘The crazy thing is that everybody thinks that Disney wrote it (Bambi) and that is really annoying,’ she said. Nevertheless, Wyler adds the fact that Vienna today now as decadent as the pre-Hitler era is now celebrating Salten has brought ‘a feeling of redemption.’

Lea Wyler tried to sue different publishers for royalties, not for Bambi, but for the shockingly sadistic pornographic novel Josefine Muzenbacher. Her claim failed in court because her family could not prove Salten wrote it, because he had published it anonymously.

This book, Josefine Mutzbacher considered a must by paedophiliacs was so obscene that it was banned in Austria from 1913 until 1971, possessing it or distributing it was a criminal offence.

No doubt it was this book that made Salten fear the National Socialists, and it was this book, not Bambi, that led to him being stripped of his citizenship, not because he was a Jew as this article claims. In fact, many Jews continued to work freely in Hitler’s Reich including Austria throughout the war years. In 1992, even the liberal-decadent Austrian courts still found the book so obscene that it was permanently put on a restricted ‘Media Harming The Youth’ list.

Considering that the book graphically depicts pedophilia, sexual acts with a child, it’s anyone’s guess why adults are even allowed to possess it, why isn’t there a ‘Media Harming Everyone List?’

But then again, the courts in the Netherlands recently ruled that a notorious book instructing people on ‘how to’ be a paedophile is considered ‘free speech’ and is not a criminal offence to possess this horrendous book.

In a few years, Felix Salten’s pornographic novel will be given a posthumous Nobel Prize, and it will be required reading for all school children right along with Anne Frank’s Diary. Source

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