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King and Queen of Sweden contract coronavirus after three shots

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King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Queen Sylvia have contracted COVID-19, Reuters reports citing the royal court. They were both vaccinated with three doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

‘The king and queen, who are fully vaccinated with three injections, have mild symptoms and are doing well under the circumstances,’ the court said in a statement.

They added that the 75-year-old king and the 78-year-old queen are now on self-isolation, experts are identifying those with whom they contacted.


Most are surprised that after three shots they are still clinging on to life. After all, what did they expect to happen once their immune system had been compromised by a blitz of hits from an experimental injected toxin? Seems you really cannot fix stupid. Source

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  1. Seems pretty dumb to me. Maybe they will start connecting the dots after their 12th or 13th booster shot. But, of course, by that time their immune systems will be obliterated and they will only be good for wearing diapers and drooling on their lapels

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