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Making Money and Mirth at The Dovetails Hotel


TAKING A BREAK from loss-making real historical research and publishing, Michael Walsh returned to penning novels. He believes fiction based on real-life holds out far more promise of a far wider readership.

Novels are often more effective than truth. Lady Antonia Fraser, a renowned expert wrote extensively on England’s royal dynasties. Her factual history books though acclaimed were not best-sellers. Instead, the writer then told the stories of England’s kings and queens as novels. A smart move for her ‘fictional’ books became overnight successes.

Michael, who now has 72 titles with his name on the book covers, says ‘it is early days as I am branded as a historian and I have yet to become recognised as a novelist.

Book buyers are influenced by the name on the book cover. As a historian I score 10/10 as an unknown novelist 1/10:

I have to close the gap to make a decent living. So far, Michael has penned and published A Leopard in Liverpool, The Stigma Enigma, The Souls Meet, The Dovetails and Sex Fest at Tiffany’s.

The Dovetails is a romantic comedy that keeps the reader awake until the last page is read. He smiles: ‘Writing serious books is satisfying. However, since I was a child, I dreamed of writing in a way that the reader forgets my story is fictional. I have no desire to merely entertain the reader. I want the reader to be whichever character I create and to face challenges, joys and disappointments in terms of reality. I have to add that creating storylines and characters as a writing experience is far more pleasurable.’

The story of The Dovetails (Hotel) is based on the love, social and business lives of hotel owners, Leonora and Felicity assisted by residential handyman Gareth or randy-man as Felicity describes the loveable Lothario.

Michael smiles, ‘Whilst creating these delightful people I became a Carlo Collodi (1826-1890) who created Pinocchio, who then became a real person. As I penned the novel, Gareth, Leonora and Felicity became real people just as Pinocchio had become real to Pinocchio’s woodcarver creator.

‘As my pen did its work, Leonora, Felicity and Gareth seemed to take over and it became their story rather than mine. My friends became almost as real and as endearing as my family. So much so that I even considered paying tribute to them in the dedication rather than the foreword. I became less of a creator and more of an observer. As does a copyist, I allowed their ghosts to direct my writing.

I was downhearted on reaching the end of their story as Gareth, Leonora and Felicity. Sorrowfully, I asked, ‘will we see each other again?’

Leonora smiled, ‘it depends. Perhaps we will.’

‘I hope so,’ whispered Felicity. ‘You told our story and you told it as I would have written it had I been a writer.

Turning to Gareth, my eyes told his story and he read my heart as I took his hand.

‘I will miss you as you disappear, my good friend. Will I see you again, I asked,’ as I firmly took his hand.

‘Ask your imagination,’ he smiled. ‘She has the answer.’

But what is The Dovetails all about? A risqué romp in out and under the sheets sensually describes the most forbidden of romantic relationships, the ménage a trois. The Dovetails Hotel is owned and managed by comely and beguiling divorcees, Leonora and Felicity.

After Felicity meets blind date Gareth on a mutually arranged tour of Europe, the engaging Jack o’ all Maids is taken on as the hotel’s resident repairman. As the ménage a deux converts into a ménage a trois the most eyebrow-raising interludes are accompanied by risqué humour, girl-talk, dilemmas, compromises, passion, romance, and at times pathos.


A REVOLUTION IN READING Because of high cover prices readers are prevented from buying good books. Authors are penniless because greedy publishers take 90 per cent of a book’s cover price whilst authors receive only 10 per cent of the cover price.

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Michael Walsh is the author of THE DOVETAILS. Enjoy the FREE download and perhaps be kind enough to drop Michael a line at to ask for his bank details. You can also buy and read the ebook The Dovetails

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