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Nothing will be the Same Again + Free Download Book


Necessity is the mother of invention. When Silicon Valley cracked down on freedom of expression GAB became more influential than Facebook. Emerging rivals to YouTube and Google became politically more potent.

Social media liquidated mainstream media, Bitcoin replaces the old financial system, laptops and printers finished off typewriters and corner shop printers. Kindle eBooks decimated paper books.

Remember when major TV broadcasters sent camera crews and presenters at huge cost to the world’s trouble spots? Most mainstream media video footage is now that of ordinary on-the-spot citizen reporters using cameras and video. And when Beethoven composed Eroica, his Third Symphony, Joseph Haydn shook his head: ‘Nothing will be the same again.’

The Bonfire of the Vanities. The next to go up in flames are conventional and Print on Demand (POD) book publishers like Amazon. The ingenuity of Michael Walsh and EUROPE RENAISSANCE is today setting fire to haughty censorious book publishers.

Our first venture into FREE book availability is to offer Honesty Box book downloads you can read easier than you can read a conventional book.

If only 1/10 book downloaders transfer to Michael’s UK or EU bank account what they think his book is worth this author’s income exceeds that of a book publisher’s paltry 10 per cent. Each transfer, especially from the UK and EU is easier than making a debit card payment. Email Michael to learn how

This new way of reading removes the high cost of books from which publishers take 90 per cent of the cover price. From this moment on every cent, the reader transfers go directly to the author.

The author deserves readers sponsorship. The penning of Witness to History took twenty years. Amazon was charging $52 per copy plus shipping plus a wait of weeks. Most books absorb at least a year of a writer’s unpaid time.

This new approach has spin-offs. Reassured of an income from reader support and liberated from Amazon censorship the writer-historian can now work on future books previously considered taboo.

Michael with over 70 books bearing his name on their covers is Britain and Europe’s most prolific author of multi-topic books. The censors of Amazon and other book publishers trampled these 70 plus books deep into the earth. An Epic Fail! Michael has already started a process of FREE book reading, a process partnered with big-hearted supporters. Other titles will soon become available.

Once again, David brings Goliath to his knees by necessity and by resourcefulness. When posterity asks, when did the dissolution of conventional book publishing begin, you can reply January 2022. When the question is asked, who was it that changed everything you can reply, Michael Walsh. 

Honesty Box

A REVOLUTION IN READING Because of high cover prices readers are deterred from buying books. Authors are penniless because greedy publishers take 90 per cent whilst authors receive only 10 per cent of the book’s cover price.

The Peoples Publishing Initiative (PPI) removes these obstacles by offering free book downloads. We then trust that good-hearted readers will transfer a financial gift to support the writer if they like the book.

Michael Walsh is the author of THE DOVETAILS. Enjoy the FREE download and perhaps be kind enough to drop Michael a line at to ask for his bank details so you can ‘buy Michael a lunch’.  

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