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SBT reporter suffered five cardiac arrests whilst live on television

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Health picture of the reporter Rafael Silva, who had a sudden illness He passed out on the air live on Monday (1/3) and is now stable. The information was transmitted by the journalist Cado López, in the Brazilian Diario das 7, of Alterosa TV, affiliated with SBT in Sol de Minas, the station where Rafael works.

Rafael was quickly rescued and transferred to Humanitas Hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit. According to Extra, on the way, he still had five cardiac arrests.

‘He is responding to treatment and moving with his hands and feet. Okay, according to the doctors. Despite the pain, I carry this news with joy. We still don’t know what happened to Rafael, ‘said Cadeau.

Rafael silva He is 36 years old and he is the presenter of Jornal das 7, but he covers Ademir Santos’ vacations in Alterosa Alert Sul de Minas. He was filming for the morning when he fell ill. The life-threatening incident occurred soon after completion of his Covid ‘vaccination’ course and the notorious Booster Shot’.

Silva was born in Belo Horizonte . When he was little, he wanted to pursue a career in animal care, just like his grandfather and uncles. However, his family moved to the United States when he was thirteen years old. Silva was hit by a culture shock that resulted in him becoming introverted and gaining fear when speaking in public. 


He started acting while in high school to face his fear. “I thought if you were going to be scared of something, you might as well be in the eye of the storm. So I started acting because I was scared to speak in public.” After graduating from Pace University, he made appearances in Madam Secretary and Fluidity. Source

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