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MICHAEL WALSH OP-ED: WELCOME to what appears to be the beginning of the end. There are signs that one of the biggest but shortest government-exploited scams is about to burn out. Cracks are appearing in corporate media coverage. Indeed, cracks in the Covid Lies are appearing everywhere and are breaking down under their own weight.

As in all wars, there will be patchy resistance put up by those who profit from the Covid fake pandemic. Some culprits find holding out easier than back-tracking, fingering accomplices, being exposed, humiliated and likely prosecuted. The anti-vaxxers winning the David against Goliath will be a humiliation too much for many of the cheaters and the cheated to bear.

There will be buck-passing, damage limitation and distancing from responsibility for a disaster that failed society abysmally. There have been millions of casualties.

The attrition rate will keep climbing as a consequence of Big Pharma’s ‘dirty needles’ aided by their accomplices but for those who retained the purity of their blood and sanity, there will be triumphalism. Enjoy!

ON ANOTHER PLEASING NOTE: Necessity (survival in this case) is the mother of invention’.

When Amazon deleted my 70 plus books account my wife and I was left with the EU’s second-smallest state pension to keep us alive.

Incensed at the thought that I had spent a lifetime researching and writing books that were now effectively dead and buried, it occurred to me to release my entire accumulation of books as FREE DOWNLOADS. Damn the bloated censorious and notoriously immoral publishers: If I couldn’t earn from my books at least could continue to inform and inspire even if it meant ‘giving my books away’..

EUREKA! Today, bank-to-bank home computer or Smartphone donations are as easy to carry out as making a card payment online. Why not invite FREE DOWNLOAD readers to contribute to my sabotaged salary voluntarily if they can afford it by transferring a modest donation to my bank account. It isn’t an initiative that can be completed overnight; far from it but we already have three donation-supported books with more being added; more this week.

Within days, the first ‘thank you for your hard work’ donation arrived. Raimo’s email read: ‘I’m just an old guy from the north in the middle of the forest, Finland, waiting to retire and reading a lot by the fireplace.’

Our new friend’s home is situated in northern Finland, which ‘enjoys’ a sub-Arctic continental climate. The temperature today is – 18C. He adds, ‘I hope we will all survive.’ I hope we do, dear friend. If Raimo in his difficult and remote situation can in a few moments transfer payment to my bank for his Download book why can’t you?

Do remember, Freedom Lovers, if insufficient book payments are made, we will all be back to Amazon. What then, pay $20 to $80 inc. carriage for single copies.

EUROPE ARISE Michael Walsh Read it free of charge. However, if too many readers take advantage of ‘something for nothing’ then the Reading Revolution dies. Help Michael to keep publishing free download books making a simple bank to bank transfer of at least what Amazon was charging. $17 (€15): Contact Michael at

FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK. Michael Walsh Illustrated Peace Poetry. Read it free of charge. If too many readers take advantage of ‘something for nothing’ our Readers Revolution dies. To HELP Michael to keep publishing free download books making a simple bank to bank transfer of at least what Amazon was charging. $17 (€15): Contact Michael at

THE DOVETAILS Michael Walsh. An adult-romantic comedy focuses on the amorous friendship of Gareth and his attractive companions happy to share more than just friendship with the debonair novelist.  READ FREE OF CHARGE but if too many take advantage of ‘something for nothing’ our Writers Direct Reading Revolution dies. To HELP Michael consider a bank-to-bank donation to at least match a publisher’s cover price and shipping.

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