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The End is Nigh but it’s the Covid Scam, not Armageddon


The ex-head of the vaccine task force in the UK has said it’s time to end mass jabs and to live with Covid-19, and to treat it as an endemic virus similar to flu. Dr Clive Dix said it’s time for a major rethink of the Covid-19 strategy.

Dr Dix has said that the vaccination campaign should end with the booster, returning the country to a new normality. A similar call has been made by health chiefs and senior Conservative Party members who are lobbying for a post-pandemic plan that will allow the country to move beyond the pandemic.

Dr Dix said: ‘We need to analyse whether we use the current booster campaign to ensure the vulnerable are protected if this is seen to be necessary. Mass population-based vaccination in the UK should now end.’


Continuing he called on ministers to look urgently into Covid immunity research beyond antibodies to include B-cells and T-cells (white blood cells). He believes this could help create vaccines for vulnerable people specific to Covid variants, adding: ‘We now need to manage the disease, not virus spread. So, stopping progression to severe disease in vulnerable groups is the future objective.’

Patient safety and the ability of the NHS to cope this winter is of major concern at the moment with so many staff self-isolating after catching the more virulent Omicron strain of the virus. Chris Hopson, Chief Executive of NHS Providers, said that the pandemic had exposed ‘its weakest links’ and that a million more care workers will be needed by the end of the decade.

Referring to his call to end mass jabs he said in an article in the Observer: ‘There is a clear, regrettable, impact on quality of care and, in the most pressured parts of the system, a worrying increase in patient safety risk.

It is now very clear that the NHS and our social care system do not have sufficient capacity. That asking staff to work harder and harder to address that gap is simply not sustainable. That we need a long-term, fully funded, workforce plan to attract and retain the extra one million health and care staff the Health Foundation estimates will be needed by 2031.’

Stephen Chandler, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said that social care was in a ‘national emergency’ because so many staff were absent, resigned or fired. As 40% of care homes no longer take in people making it difficult to discharge patients.

The remarks by Dr Dix follow the ruling by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) who ruled that fourth doses were not currently needed because the majority of those who had received boosters were still protected against Omicron, three months after the booster campaign began..

Dix who was instrumental in helping pharmaceutical firms create the Covid vaccines that have transformed the risk to most people, said the UK need to get into a position of ‘managing Covid’ in the same way we do in a bad influenza season.

‘A fourth dose or second booster of the existing vaccine probably isn’t going to achieve very much. The evidence is that immunity against severe disease is much longer-lasting. The only justification for doing a second booster for the majority of the population would be if we saw clear evidence of people, five or six months after their booster, ending up in hospital with severe Covid.’

Health officials have expressed concern that many will have had the booster purely to protect their Christmas celebrations and that people will be reluctant to be vaccinated again and again. That in its own may put an end to mass jabs and start to live with Covid, that is unless another more dangerous variant comes along.

Vaccinated people do give off a Bluetooth signal. The introduction of the ultimate totalitarian police state is underway. your bodies. you will eventually be remote-controlled after your 8th, 20th, whatever is a necessary number of vaccinations.


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