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The Next Flight Leaving is carrying Covid infected passengers

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A sharp-eared eavesdropping passenger travelling on an international flight couldn’t help but listen in to the conversation of a fellow passenger. Having cleared all the bureaucratic health and expensive challenges one can imagine the passenger’s consternation on discovering that his fellow passenger was ill with COVID-19.

His Covid stricken fellow passenger was texting her friend to tell her that she has COVID-19, and decided to fly home a day early while infected with the virus.

An American traveller was shocked to discover a fellow aeroplane passenger texting a friend to say she had COVID-19 – but boarded the flight home anyway.
‘We have Covid… shhh,’ the woman had typed. ‘That’s why we’re returning home a day early. On the plane…’

The alert Reddit user shared a photo of the woman in front of her texting someone: ‘We have Covid… shhh,’ the woman had typed. ‘That’s why we’re returning home a day early. On the plane…’

The Redditor was clearly unhappy that the woman, who had long nails and bleach-blonde hair, knowingly exposed others. Commenters said the Redditor should have told a flight attendant, while some insisted, they shouldn’t have looked at someone else’s phone 

The unhappy and endangered traveller was sitting behind the COVID-positive passenger and noticed the text she was sending through the crack between seats. The woman had typed out on her iPhone that ‘we’, that is, she and at least one other person she was flying with, knew they had COVID-19, but decided to catch an early flight home rather than quarantine.

The closely-cropped photo was shared by Reddit user esporx in the ‘trashy’ subreddit this week. ‘Is this is even legal?’ the Redditor asked.

Meanwhile, a schoolteacher who was flying from Chicago to Reykjavik in December quarantined in the airplane bathroom for four hours after taking a positive rapid test in transit


The photo shows a bit of the back of a woman’s bleach-blonde hair and a leopard-print top. She is mid-text, her polished fingernails hovering over the keyboard as she messages someone whose name appears to be Jamie or James. 

The Redditor who posted the image was clearly upset about what he or she had discovered, though they did not indicate whether they notified a flight attendant. Several commenters on the post were equally horrified that the woman would knowingly expose others to the virus.


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