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Patriarch Kirill linked the refusal of women to give birth with the end of humanity

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Replacing women as continuers of the human species with some artificial womb will be a diabolical attempt on Divine power and will lead to the end of human history. 

This was stated by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill in an interview with the Russia 1 TV channel. According to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, replacing women with ‘giving birth machines’ is incompatible with God’s plan for the world and man and will mean his end as a reasonable man.

‘If this happens, God forbid, of course, then the world, the person, the human personality will lose their very basic dimension,’ said the patriarch, answering the question of the first deputy general director of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Andrei Kondrashov, about what the head of the Russian Orthodox Church thinks about the possibility of a world in which women have stopped giving birth.


‘What is the secret of birth? First, it is the mystery of love, when the love of two people united, as the word of God says, into one body and one soul, becomes the source of life for the other. So, what, replace all this with a mechanism, a machine? Even if this ever happens, it will mean the end of man as a reasonable man, it will mean, in a sense, the end of human civilization, because this is diabolical through man, a satanic attempt to replace a Divine power,’ the patriarch explained.

According to him, this would be incompatible with God’s plan for the world and man and would be a step towards the end of human history. ‘May the Lord keep us from approaching this terrible prospect,’ added the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Earlier, Patriarch Kirill urged to think about limiting surrogacy for Russian citizens and its prohibition for foreigners. Source


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