The Rise of the Sun Wheel

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In the late 1970s, the then STAR newspaper described Michael Walsh as ‘Britain’s most dangerous man.’ Unless one can identify with the mindset of a far-left journalist it is impossible to figure out why such an extreme expression was used to describe an ex-British seaman with an unblemished history. He had simply prophesied the multi-racial crime-infested corrupt regime it was, in fact, to become.

Michael had fought relentlessly to make people aware of the danger to Britain and constantly campaigned to stop the coming chaos. He had spent weeks in Leamington Spa in an effort to free ex-British Paratrooper Robert Relf. Relf had refused to remove a ‘House for Sale to Whites Only’ placed in his front garden. Relf was later set up by Birmingham police and gaoled for two years for breaking the window of an Indian restaurant.

Michael says, ‘we two became good friends. In a private moment, I asked the ex-soldier had he broken the window. Robert replied, ‘I have broken the law and I take pride in owning up to them and defying the police. I became an irritation to the police. But no, on this night I was in bed 21 miles away. They wanted me off their patch. They set me up.’

Michael Walsh was caught up in street fighting and often found himself in a cell and fined. On one occasion, he hurled himself onto the bonnet of a police van taking Robert Relf back to Shrewsbury Prison after a failed appeal. On another occasion, Michael with others was arrested by Franco’s police in Madrid.

His offence, Michael and his comrades, one being a Spanish teenager, had chained themselves to the railings of the US Embassy in Spain’s capital city. The incident drew international attention to the continued imprisonment of Rudolf Hess in Berlin’s Spandau Prison.

In 1968, Michael was very nearly killed when he was overwhelmed by several scores of leftists during a campaign in Liverpool. He says, ‘what saved my life was there were so many on top of me they were kicking and pummeling themselves.’

Certainly, the anti-migrant activist was proudly hostile to the migrant explosion. The same could be said of the people of Britain. However, unlike the far left, the working classes had no newspaper, radio or television broadcaster sympathetic to their concerns.

At Mold Crown Court in Wales, Michael was handed down 6 x 4-month prison terms by a state judge and a multi-race jury for distributing literature ‘likely to cause race hatred’. One flier was simply a few stanzas from a Rudyard Kipling poem (FOUR MONTHS prison).

A sticker that carried the caption, ‘Race-Mixing Destroys our People.’ (FOUR MONTHS prison). For stating a biological science approved fact. Another flier predicted a Britain in which there would be for Whites ‘No Go Areas’. (FOUR MONTHS prison) and so on.

Looking back, he says it was certainly the most exciting period of my life. Quite a statement when one considers that the ethnic-patriot at the time had served seven long years as a seaman. During his service, he had visited, lived and worked in over 60 countries and mixed happily with every ethnicity and creed known to man and God. He was the last deck boy recruited by the epic White Star Shipping Company; think RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic, so many others.

Michael’s Irish father was an American citizen and served in the US armed forces. By his fortieth birthday, his father Patrick had fought in four conflicts, all but one of the frontlines. The War against the Tans, The Irish War of Independence, Spanish Civil War, and World War II as a Flight Mechanic 1st Class.

During those years Michael had lived in and worked with the peoples of every ethnicity and religion known to mankind. It seemed to be lost on the White left-wing accusers that he and his shipmates had got along fine with more peoples of ethnic and religious diversity than any university of left-wing Marxists will meet in a lifetime.

In Lebanon, a Muslim had saved Michael’s life when he was close to drowning. In Ghana, an African native had saved Michael’s life and those of two shipmates when he thwarted an ambush by brigands. Michael’s crime was to have the same aims as most of the world’s other 7.8 billion fellow travellers; express a preference for his own kind. Perfectly natural sentiment ~ except for White Europeans.

Michael says, ‘I can’t recall describing any non-European as a mindless savage. Surely the term applies to the mob who attacked and would have lynched me and a handful of protesting workers on different occasions?

The bigoted haters were the judge and jury at my trial, the Press who whipped up lies and hatred against patriotic Whites, the teachers who teach their pupils to hate their own ethnicity, the police, the prison warders who terrorised me and other persecuted Whites, the uniformed state agents who to this day ferociously attack unarmed protestors. It seems to me the braindead savages are most assuredly White-skinned.’

British Movement leader Mike Walsh plans strategy with Dr David Duke (white shirt) and James K. Warner

Anyway, Michael’s wife thought that he should write a book about the Rise and Fall of the British Movement, which he led from 1968 to 1984). Reluctantly, he set pen to paper only when she pointed out to him that his life as a White activist would be set down instead by a vitriolic highly toxic self-hating libtard (liberal retard) or whigger unless he himself set his story down.

The result was his political biography, The Rise of the Sun Wheel. Modest, he prefers to let others describe the wonderfully illustrated bio.

Amazon Customer: Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 July 2020: ‘And I bet there is so much Mike could have added from interesting and courageous lifetime fighting to save Britain. The Rise of the Sun Wheel was subsequently removed from sale by Amazon.

Sticker that got Mike Walsh a 4 month prison sentence

An American buyer who identifies as Basil writes: ‘Race Realist Foresaw and Warned of the Future Decades Ago. Excellent book and an intense yet easy read. I thought I was about to read one man’s story but soon realized there is a wealth of information and understanding of the loneliness and struggle of individuals concerned about their racial heritage should they dare to fight for its survival.’

I had not realized the evil forces against them are so empowered and lacking in any ethics or morals but not lacking in financial wealth and useful lackies.

Mike Walsh 1968

He adds: ‘In contrast with this, the individual has no financial support, its pre-internet and total press censorship and even under constant surveillance.

‘Hence many of these warriors-of-integrity end up thrown in prison, just for distributing a harmless pamphlet, or even assassinated if they present a threat to anti-ethnic European globalism (world bolshevism by another name).’

‘My admiration runs deep for a man like Mike Walsh for seeing the future while most slept and holding steady in his information war against deliberate ethnic-European genocide strategies.’

Mike Walsh, 3rd from Left, with a group of British Movement activists boarding the bus at Diksmuide

If you want to make a difference this book will inspire you and teach you how. Why did the British people not take heed back then in the 1970’s? Is it too late?’

A former fighter in the British Movement’s Leader Guard now living in Europe writes: ‘An interesting look back at the history of British Movement and the problems it encountered both in and outside the group. It also reveals what happened to its leader in his later life. It is easy to read with colour and black and white photos.’ ~ Mike Walsh

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