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The State Unleashes its Dogs of War on Protestors

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Authorities say state operatives used the irritant after being pelted with cobblestones and bottles. Protests broke out across the German state of Saxony on Monday night, with three uniformed agents in the city of Bautzen sustaining injuries after the anti-lockdown demonstrators bombarded state police with cobblestones and bottles.

The violence in Bautzen escalated when law enforcement attempted to break up a march, with approximately 600 protesters taking to the city streets to vent their anger at Covid restriction measures.

As might be expected state agents dubbed ‘badge niggers’ described what they say were just 150-200 participants as ‘violent hooligans and people from right-wing circles.

However, footage clearly proves as always that cops underplay the numbers attended whilst stigmatising protestors as ‘far-right hooligans, which is straight out of the playbook of the Soviet Thug State.

According to authorities, ‘officers’ had to use ‘simple physical violence’ and deploy pepper spray when three protesters tried to force their way through a police cordon. One demonstrator suffered from an asthma fit as a result.


In the Saxon town of Freiberg, a total of approximately 700 anti-lockdown protesters had also gathered on Monday evening, with police at one point positioning their vehicles to form a cordon in the crowd’s path.

However, several hundred demonstrators attempted to break through the obstacle, damaging a vehicle in the process. One person has reportedly been detained in connection with that episode. In the wake of the rally, a police spokesperson warned that there was an ‘increased potential for violence’ among the demonstrators.

Meanwhile, around 300 people took to the streets in Dresden, where there were reports of a Swiss journalist being assaulted. Ironically, left-liberal and far-left counter-demonstrators supporting the regime’s repression also took place.

Similar protests were held in Thuringia, with a total of 30,000 people taking part across the region, and in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where over 35,000 anti-regime protesters turned out across 20 locations. Police also deployed pepper spray in the city of Rostock and similar gatherings were reported in Bavaria, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Authorities are also investigating after an individual was spotted at a march in the town of Grimma wearing a Star of David with the word ‘unvaccinated’ inscribed on it.

Germany’s interior minister, Nancy Faeser, expressed concern over what she described as an influx of right-wing extremists. Speaking on the ZDF channel, Faeser urged anti-lockdown protesters to ‘ask themselves what sort of people they are going out on the streets with.

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  1. I’m impressed that so many of our people are amassing in the streets to protest this form of medical tyranny. Not that I agree with the official narrative that Germans during WWII were “evil monsters” as we’ve been brainwashed to believe, but I’m suprised even the lefties aren’t screaming “Nazi!” at the German police using heavy handed “military, police” tactics at citizens for not complying. Or is it somehow more “just” if you’re being oppressed for “social justice” reasons? Again, not that I buy into the standard “WWII was the moral war/Germans are evil” dogma, but just interesting to see the liberals’ cognitive dissonance.

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