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Prolific writer, editor and ghost-writer of over 70 book titles, Michael Walsh never authored a fictional novel ~ until drawing on his own background and life experiences he penned A LEOPARD IN LIVERPOOL. It was during the 1990s when, down to his last brass cent, he wondered if salvation might come via a blockbuster novel. Michael began work on Retribution, later re-titled A Leopard in Liverpool.

He knew the storyline had to tick all the boxes, one of which was the story had to be believable. There was only one way to achieve this; write a novel that would draw heavily on his own experiences in the maritime city of Liverpool and his forays into Africa. In many respects, the book is painfully biographical. The reader will feel it as he or she turns the pages.

The novel is based on a mercenary’s planned vacation in his native Liverpool. His break goes awry when, during a chance meeting, he learns that his pubescent born out of wedlock daughter, whom he has never met, is ensnared by the city’s lowlife.

An epic failing on their part. Ex-Liverpool seaman, Fraser McLeod, after being drawn into the 1960s Congo crisis and Simba Rebellion, had morphed into a lethal humanoid. The leopard (in the title) was the emblem of Commando Kansimba, otherwise known as the Leopard Battalion led by Colonel Jean ‘Black Jack’ Schramme.

Further years in Rhodesia’s anti-insurgency bush wars served to turn a dog-of-war into a cunning and resourceful predator. Camouflaged by the inner-city mixed-race nomadic jetsam, the trail of Fraser McLeod’s daughter has gone cold. The action begins to heat up when the merciless and vengeful MacLeod melts into the maritime city’s social underworld.

Those, whose trade is debt and death, flesh and illegal substances know how to discourage the inquisitive. Yet, his quarry is no match for a prowling marauder for whom death is no more to be feared than is birth. The soldier-of-fortune turned arms dealer has a single lead and unquenchable thirst for a vengeful nemesis.

This page-turning novel draws heavily on the real-life experiences of the respected author. Readers will be much reminded of the Brian Garfield novel, Death Wish. The movie of the same title tells the story of Paul Kersey, a Manhattan architect who became famous, or infamous, for pedestrian vigilantism.

Parallels will also be drawn on the 1978 epic thriller Daniel Carney’s The Wild Geese. When the film was made it became an iconic movie that allows us a peek into the world of the notorious dogs-of-war.

If added to Death Wish and The Wild Geese, it is thought that Michael Walsh’s A Leopard in Liverpool would make the perfect pedestrian vigilantism trilogy.

Was Michael the man for the job? You decide but rest assured that much of the book is indeed biographical.

A LEOPARD IN LIVERPOOL by award-winning writer Michael Walsh. A city-vigilante thriller described as more gripping than Death Wish. A pundit described this gripping novel based on the author’s experiences as being better than a John le Carre novel; a story about an ex-mercenary looking for his lost daughter forced into prostitution and her father’s quest for revenge and justice.

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