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We are what we eat

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MICHAEL WALSH EDITOR: We are what we eat is a saying that stays good over time. My infant sons were under 18-months of age when they caught whooping cough. A serious disease whoever it affects but often lethal when infants are afflicted.

My wife and I were abandoned by the British service. Because of their condition we couldn’t visit the doctor, the hospital was problematic, our GP refused to visit.

As it was before Google and the internet, we scoured the medical books in our local bookstore to see if we could discover a way out of our crisis.

Finally, after weeks of near-death experiences, we were recommended to a herbalist. Mr Trevor Evans situated in a small Welsh market town gave each of the two children a spoon of a gravy-like liquid and a bottle and prescription of some dark brown liquid. It was like the laying on of the hands. The deadly disease disappeared within hours. Our sons were cured without common side effects. 

A retired engineer, I asked Mr Evans what on earth had inspired him to take up herbalism. He explained. His wife had been diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis. He was told by his NHS doctors, ‘In two years your wife will be in a wheelchair and she will have passed away within five years, don’t argue with facts.’

The gentleman and his wife consulted a herbalist and a remedy was applied.

‘That was ten years ago. Do you know where she is now,’ he asked me.  Without waiting for my reply, he told me his wife was trotting around the local market with her two heavy shopping bags.’ He went on to explain that impressed, he studied, learned and practised.

I saw Mr Evans on a subsequent occasion to see him if he could do anything about my being afflicted with chronic mouth ulcers, a condition that the NHS and dentists had given up on.

Too many acid crystals in my blood: Mr Evans gave me some dietary advice, especially avoidance of citric acid foods, red wine, lemons, oranges etc. my problem disappeared forever.

Well, nearly forever for there were times when unwittingly I forgot his advice about avoiding high acid foods, which incidentally cause gout and other crystal-forming tissue issues. Yes, the mouth ulcers returned. Lesson learnt again and I resisted natural citric fruits and veg’ like oranges, lemons and tomatoes.

I was hardly alone. He told me of a young patient who was an airman serving in the RAF. The young man’s mouth ulcers were so prevalent and severe that the airman contemplated taking his life. Same remedy with the same positive results.

Due to age and winter dampness, I spend much of my mornings clearing my chest. Recently and before retiring for the night, I asked the great spirit if there was anything he might suggest to alleviate the problem.

Soon afterwards as I drifted off to sleep, I saw a strange apparition of an ordinary garden onion and a cutting knife. How odd, I thought as I slipped into slumber. The next time I was chesty I recalled the dream-like advice. I chopped a raw onion and then chewing on a small slice I breathed in deeply the onion’s vapours. The irritation disappeared immediately. PLEASE SHARE OUR STORIES: THANK YOU


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