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Guess who is set to make a Killing Now

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Having bought off news barons, politicians, unelected healthcare professionals and civil servants, even gravy-training wannabe celebrities, the Covid cultist have since March 2020 had it all their own way.

However, not everyone can be bought. This is the fatal flaw in the globalist putsch to trigger the Great Reset in their favour. Yes, money talks but so does litigation when the victims of Covid mania get wise, get mad and prepare to get even.

Scores and soon hundreds of newspaper advertisements, coming fast to independent radio and television adverts are being placed by ravenous legal services ~ ambulance chasers if you like. The legal eagles are going in for the kill. In their sights are those who pushed the scam in the people’s arms.

Running scared or soon will be the Covid Cultists who have every reason to fear they are being sued for peddling vaccines and, contrary to the clearly spelt law, assaulting their victims with death- and injury inflicting penetrations of human flesh.

These new adverts are appearing in hundreds of newspapers with hundreds of law firms involved. The truth is coming out. The sceptics have been telling you this for nigh on two years but few listened.

Like deer caught in an approaching gravy train’s headlight, victims of the Covid scam were transfixed by the propaganda of the Covid Cultists. Now it is payback time as cash-hungry legal firms sniff the pot of gold at the end of the vaccine rainbow.

Barbara Eade says: I just don’t trust the press but have noticed the back-peddling and it smacks of desperation.

‘Reiner Fuellmich has presented all the evidence and that is colossal as he has so many facets of this scam with evidence. The white hats are definitely in charge. The exposure, drip by drip before the disclosure, bring it on.’

The newspaper claims adverts encourage all who feel that they or their dependents suffered as a consequence of either being jabbed or as an outcome of illegal coercion such as lost jobs for refusing the jab. Millions of vaccine sufferers have got a bone to pick with their Covid tormentors, those who deceived them. As we all know, ignorance of the law is no excuse. The damned may soon be drowning in their victim’s vomit.



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