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Russian Woman Epitome of Universal Femininity

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German philosopher Walter Schubart had specific views about the qualities of Russian women, especially as wives and partners in life.

‘A woman is the keeper of not only fruit but also beauty. In his appraisal, he says that from ancient times, an example of the Madonna, the Mother of the Saviour, was given to symbolise woman.

Feminine cultures are creative, artistic, gifted with an understanding of beauty. So much beauty is spilt in the land of Hellas (Ancient Greece), whose true heiress is the Russian woman. It is often and justly noted that in every Russian there is something of an artist and an aesthete.

When an instinctive inclination for the female essence meets a conscious Christian there is a profound respect for her. Amazing results can be expected.

The result of such a coincidence, which has not been repeated anywhere and never on earth, is the goddess nature of a Russian woman. This is one of the few happy accidents on our planet.

Many of those who have been to Russia get the impression that a Russian woman is the epitome of the universal woman and she has a higher value than a Russian man. The Russian woman most attractively combines the advantages of her Western sisters.

With an Englishwoman, she shares a sense of female freedom and independence, without turning into a ‘blue stocking’, a woman of intellectual nature but is prepared to read and reason.

With a Frenchwoman, she is related by spiritual vitality, disinclined to make jokes; she possesses the delicate taste of a Frenchwoman, the same sense of beauty and elegance, without falling prey to a vain addiction to dress.

She possesses the virtues of a German housewife, not reducing her life to saucepans; and she, as an Italian, has a strong sense of motherhood, without coarsening it to animal love.

To these qualities are added grace and gentleness, characteristic only of the Aryan branch known as Slavs. No other woman, in comparison with the Russian, can be at the same time a lover, a mother and a life companion.

No other combines such a sincere desire for education with a concern for practical matters, and none is so open to the beauty of art and religious truth. We have serious grounds for hope that it is the Russian woman who will save the Russian people.

From the book by Walter Schubart ‘Europe and the Soul of the East’, 1938).

NOTE: Walter Schubart (1897-1942) German philosopher. After the election of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party on January 30, 1939, he emigrated from Germany to Ventspils and Riga in Latvia. There, in 1941 he was arrested as was his Latvian-Jewish wife by the Soviet authorities and died in a concentration camp in Kazakhstan.


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