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We the People Seize the Book Publishers


When your business is burgled your preparedness to adapt is essential to survival. We faced destitution when Amazon seized the entire contents of our small publisher’s store. The notorious booksellers continued to sell my commandeered books through agents so added salt to the wounds.

Why did Amazon remove my poetry collections, my maritime sagas, romantic and crime novels and suchlike? Because the intention is to starve me. They didn’t remove my books they removed my name.

A book requires from one to twenty years of unpaid research and writing. My retaliatory initiative was to undercut Amazon crooks by providing instant free book downloads offered bonuses.

My invitation that readers use their laptops or local bank to transfer a contribution to my author’s account seems fruitful. Thank you to those who helped me.

In a counter-coup we the people seized the book publishers. It is a regime change in which we the people win. Instead of hundreds reading my Amazon books tens of thousands of people can now enter our free people’s library without even a library ticket. Suck it up, Amazon.

Those who transfer a token amount to cover my outgoings are likely to save money too. When you add carriage an Amazon book is likely to cost at least $20 and then wait for delivery. Some books that are soon to go Free Download when conventionally published would cost $50 plus.

When paid direct by readers contributions it frees me to research, write and publish books unlikely to be accepted by Amazon. The Thinking Man’s Hitler (Michael Walsh) is soon to be Instant Free Download published.

The illustrated volume is 244 pages long. Amazon would have charged $70 including carriage. An easily transferred contribution to Michael’s account will save the reader money and the author-researcher receives 100 per cent instead of Amazon’s measly 10 per cent.

If too few respond with a donation, then the unpaid work that goes into Free Download publishing adds to rather than reduces my problems. Far better to be a part of the revolution not a cause for it.

You are part of a pioneering Revolution in Writing and Reading. As with free newspapers (advertisers pay), there will never again be a need to buy books if readers grasp this opportunity. Remember my watchword: ‘We were of our time but before our time.’


RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL Mike Walsh-McLaughlin. The charismatic leader of the 1960s-1980s legendary British (National Socialist) Movement. Relive the rallies, marches, street fighting, organisation, learn from a training manual for future fighters, gaol time, international campaigns, smuggling dissident literature.

Michael Walsh and his Leader Guard were the last National Socialists to address mass crowds at Trafalgar Square and East London’s Brick Lane. Discover a still fighting revolutionary veteran who built Europe’s finest revolutionary party of ethnic-socialists since WWII. 

If you like a book and wish to support the author you make a simple donation to his bank account.

Enjoy the FREE download and perhaps be kind enough to drop Michael a line and modest donation into Michael’s bank account by saying hello to the author at

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