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The Thinking Man’s Hitler simply put is Masterclass. Subtitled The Triumph of Reason the book is an easy to read and understand explanation of the German President-Chancellor’s creation of a superstate in just 36 months following his election on January 30, 1933.

The Thinking Man’s Hitler draws on superlative sources such as Hitler’s Speeches, Baynes. Vol.1. The Institute of International Affairs. 1942 and other first-hand points of reference.

Turning the ground-breaking book’s illustrated pages we discover in clear layman’s terms everything we need to know about the phenomenal rise to twice-elected national leadership of a highly decorated veteran of the frontlines of the Great War’s most ferocious battles.

Belgian Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle knew Hitler better than most. Of him, Hitler was heard to exclaim; ‘If I had a son, I would wish him to be like him (Leon Degrelle).

‘Hitler was the greatest statesman Europe has ever known.  History will prove that when whipped up emotions have died down.  He had an authority, not to be found a second time in the history of the continent.  

‘His success would have established the wealth and civilisation of Europe for centuries, probably forever.  Hitler’s plans for Europe would have meant a blessing for us all.’  – General Degrelle.

The Thinking Man’s Hitler by author-historian Michael Walsh has an interesting background. Years in development the massive collection of excerpts from speeches, diaries, Mein Kampf and other sources, was finalised in 2002.

No publisher would dare risk being sanctioned by the industry should they publish the truth about Hitler’s struggle for the hearts and minds of the German people. Ten years would pass before the book’s compiler was deceived by a British publisher of right-wing books. The stolen compilation was briefly published before being removed.

Again, The Thinking Man’s Hitler remained unread until the onset of the Revolution on Writing and Reading dubbed my author Michael Walsh as ‘The People’s Press.’ FREE book download is published without censorship or frontiers.

Predictably, censorious and gluttonous book publishers are livid. Imagine their horror: Books are now appearing in the public domain that can’t be censored, controlled, edited or sanctioned ~ and are free of charge. If the initiative is supported by readers, it could spell the end of cover prices on book covers and catalogues.

For many, our FREE download books are free to read. But the book reader’s coup will be short-lived unless a proportion of readers express goodwill by transferring at least the book’s cover price or less had the book been conventionally published. Amazon would likely have put a $50 + carriage on THE THINKING MAN’S HITLER.

In this way, the author receives 100% of the gift transferred, not the derisory 10% transferred to an author’s account by conventional publishers such as Amazon. For this reason, our initiative has to work. Both writers and readers reap the rewards, not the outwitted fat cat book publishers.

Bank-to-Bank transfers are easier than most online purchases. Using one’s laptop or Smartphone you simply go online to your bank then use the cash transfer facility to key in the recipient’s account details (available on request from Enter the amount you wish to transfer and press ‘send’.  It is so easy. Others can so you can too.

You will of course be inspired by The Thinking Man’s Hitler: you will enjoy your read even more if your cash transfer gift helped the author to research and publish more books like it. PLEASE SHARE OUR STORY and BOOK


THE THINKING MAN’S HITLER Michael Walsh. A unique and illustrated collection of Adolf Hitler’s views, conversational pieces and speech extracts painstakingly compiled over many years. Provides a fitting tribute to a social reformer who if left in peace would likely have saved Europe from the brink of destruction and ushered in centuries of peace and prosperity. 

READ FREE OF CHARGE but If every reader takes advantage of ‘something for nothing’ our Writers Direct Reading Revolution ends with a return to Amazon. The bookseller would add their 90% publishing fee so the cover price would be about $50 plus carriage. To show your gratitude consider a simple online bank-to-bank donation to the book’s author.

Michael Walsh

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