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The Covid-19 Scam appears to have run its course

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Spain is calling for Covid-19 to be treated as an endemic disease, like the flu, becoming the first major European nation to explicitly suggest that people live with it.

The idea has gradually been gaining traction and could prompt a re-evaluation of government strategies on dealing with the virus. British Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi on Sunday told the BBC that the U.K. is ‘on a path towards transitioning from pandemic to endemic.’

The omicron variant’s lower hospitalisation and death rates prompted Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to hold out the prospect of Europe moving beyond pandemic-style restrictions on normal life.

‘We have to evaluate the evolution of Covid from pandemic to an endemic illness,’ Sanchez said in a radio interview Monday, adding that European governments may need to assess the disease with different parameters than ones used so far. 

In places like France, Germany, Italy and Romania, all of which are recording the highest average daily case levels of the entire pandemic, it may be a bit early for such talk.

But as governments work on keeping schools open and economies functioning as normally as possible, lower hospitalisations may prompt a review of strategies.

For now, France and Germany are continuing to tighten restrictions, especially on the unvaccinated. French President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants to make a life for the unvaccinated as difficult as possible, and is seeking to put a vaccine pass in place to access bars and restaurants, or even to travel by train. 

The Netherlands has maintained one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe, with restaurants and bars closed. In Italy, Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government has mandated vaccines for those over 50 years old.

Despite having some of the highest Covid rates in Europe, Ireland will maintain a system of voluntary vaccination, according to Prime Minister Michael Martin. The Belgian government wants to give people a free choice, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said. 

Many countries are shortening quarantine periods as they try to keep essential services operating. The latest is the Czech Republic, which as of Tuesday is requiring Covid-positive people to isolate for five days, down from two weeks.

Travel restrictions have also shown their limits. The U.K. was the first country to ban flights from southern Africa, where omicron was first identified. Yet it was the first place in Europe to suffer an omicron wave. Similarly, France overtook the U.K.’s case rate despite slapping limits on travel from Britain. 

If European countries manage to relax restrictions in the coming weeks, last year’s experiences will remain a cautionary tale. Denmark removed all Covid restrictions last fall, while the Netherlands dropped all masking requirements. Both countries currently have some of Europe’s highest case rates and have reimposed restrictions. INPUT: with assistance by Alessandro Speciale, Katharina Rosskopf, Thomas Gualtieri, Peter Laca, and Eric Pfanner. Go to LEAVE A REPLY and let us know what you think.



The governments, the puppets doing their job

Your health, your mind, and your life will rob

They laugh in our faces and we dance to their songs

We do nothing, and yet complain of all that is wrong

They blind you by TV, by media, by news

Dumbing down humanity, most suffering the blues

Can you not see when you look up to the sky?

The crisscross white lines, have you ever asked why?

They poison the air, add to the water with fluoride

Fruits and vegetables are laden with pesticides

Do you ever read labels when doing your shop?

Have you heard of parabens or aspartame, I guess probably not!

They are toxins and poisons allowed for consumption

Guess you’d rather not know I’d make that assumption

Happily, pharmaceuticals have most on antidepressants

So, you don’t have the spark to ask questions, learn lessons

I used to think it’s our governments that need a good shake

But now I’m convinced it’s humanity for heaven’s sake!

Wake up it’s time to open your eyes and your mind

Even though you’d be sickened by all that you’ll find

But then you have the knowledge to make a difference, a change?

Meaning you can make better choices is that sounding strange?

Conscious awareness is splitting the world into two

Unconscious, conscious, which one are you?

Oh, don’t bother saying, only your actions will, that’s true!

Simone Segal


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  1. Dear Mike, the third meme down, the one that talks about Germany using emergency powers etc with regards to a disliked minority (meaning the unvaxxed) and finishing with “what could possibly go wrong” bothers me every time I see it. That last question insinuates that older false narrative about Germany, and it serves to reinforce the 6 Million Big Lie.

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    • Yes, I suppose there is another way of looking at it. I balanced ~ as I did a similar one (Vaccination will set you free) over the gates of Auschwitz ~ is the point it makes stronger than its weaker link, which you perceive. Hugs, Michael


  2. Hi Mike,
    this is so odd. I was browsing around looking for the comment I left, to see if it had gone through (just because sometimes after I leave a comment I am asked to log in, and then I don’t see the comment anymore), and then I found it here, but the meme is not here! Somehow, wires got crossed. Was that meme that I spoke of in a different article? I am confused, but maybe that’s nothing new, haha.

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